Friday, March 13, 2009

Bass Guitars

Hello, my dear readers. I was going to write a post based on a randomly generated topic, from one of the various sites online, but I didn't find any I liked. It's probably all for the better, since I doubt I could manage to write more than a few sentences without getting bored. Therefore, instead, I think I'm going to write about my band until I think of something better.
Crush Of Society has finally got all parts of the essential band represented. I allowed my former bassist to re-join, probably a bad choice on my part, and I spoke to a dude in my scout troop and got him to agree to play guitar. We've got a temporary drummer, but he said he would only stay long enough for us to record one song (for an Employability Skills interview). I was just going to sing, but due to some recent developments, there's a chance I'll be playing bass as well. To go into more detail about those recent developments would involve a lot more writing, but I think it's worth it.
As I may have mentioned earlier, my guitar is currently broken. I recently diagnosed it, after having found holding a TV remote too close to the pickups will ruin it. Yes, I am that dumb. No need to remind me. So, in an attempt to get a new guitar that would fit my budget, I went to the local pawn shop. Lucky for me, my uncle just got a job there, so I knew I would have someone on my side to help me out. I went in, and as soon as he saw me, he took me over to the guitar rack and started talking. He told me he didn't want to let me walk out with a right handed guitar, because he felt that it would be a bad move. Quite honestly, I don't care much. I want a guitar that is going to work, and will last a while, before I'm going to worry about how the cutouts fit my hands and how the body hollows fit my ribcage. However, he seemed pretty bent on it, so I complied, knowing not to would be a disaster.
The problem was this: there was only one left-handed guitar currently in stock, and it was a bass. I had went looking for a regular, 6-string electric. However, when I picked it up and held it, it just seemed...right. I remembered that I had been interested in playing bass a while back, but I didn'twant to try and pursue that for fear of hurting my mom's feelings, because she had just gotten me the electric. I'm not sure if breaking it in order to get one was the best idea, but it's a bit late for that.
There are quite a few bass players that dominate the band, and I have no problem with joining their ranks. The Violent Femmes had the world's best bass player, and the Dead Milkmen's dude wasn't that bad, either. The next problem was the fact a lot of people feel the bassist can't also sing. To this I say: you're an unschooled fool, and don't deserve to purchase a Crush Of Society record until you get a proper rock education. Hello? Pink Floyd?? Roger Waters was the bassist, and he still managed to sing and lead the band.
As one last little comment, bass carries the whole band. The volume doesn't have to be turned down all the way, as most heavy metal fans say. I personally enjoy a song with a good bass section, as it is often much catchier of a tune.
So, to conclude this whole bass guitar purchasing thing, I'm currently waiting to find out what the price of the guitar is going to be. It was marked in the store as $185, but I found the manufacturer's site, and they have it listed brand new for $120. I don't think I'm gonna pay $185 anymore, if you know what I mean. I was going to put my purchase on layaway, but if it's anywhere near what I'm thinking it will be, I'm just going to walk out with it. My mom keeps telling me I should wait until my birthday, but that's a little less than 2 months from now. I'm not sure if I can really wait that long...
Hmm, looks like thoughts about a topic never did turn up. I suppose today's topic was all about bass, after all.


Eve Noir said...

I always wanted to play bass...but then I started singing & now I know I'd want to do that!

Best bass player EVER-Kim Deal when she was in The Pixies. I never heard BASS like that. You need to get yourself some Pixies CD's-prob Doolittle or Surfer Rosa. I met her & she's my rock-n-roll Goddess too (she's quite an inspiration to me). BUT yeah, hands down best bassist to grace the earth. ^_^

taitle said...

Red Hot Chilli Peppers have a good bass player. My favourite is Graham Coxon

Derek said...

You're a singer/bassist? I'm a singer! How weird!
So, how far has your band gotten?