Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Future Of Blogging

A question has been really persistent in my mind lately: what is the future of this blog? Moreover, what will happen to the rest of you, out there? Even the oldest blogs I've seen out here in Blogger are only from 2005, and they're all the ones with 100+ followers. Will we who started more recently eventually reach this stage? Am I going to have 100+ followers soon?
Or maybe the only people who were able to stay in it this long are the people who have that many followers. Did the rest just quit? Who knows...
I think my goal is to keep this blog going for as long as possible. If blogger faces any great financial or technical issues, you'll see me at the rallies to save it. Over the past year (yes, it's only been that long), I've grown to think of this place as my Internet home. I mean, it would be nice to get a big break and become famous like Vodka Mom, but I'm just happy to know at least a few people are reading the mindless rambling I type. If I managed to survive the point in time where I had 0 followers, the greater part of the time Boyd's world has been around, then I'm sure I'll survive having 17, like I currently do. It's almost better, in a way I can't really explain.
Will a new genre in writing begin to crop up, the Blog genre? It would be like the autobiography section that currently exists, but a bit more eclectic, more realistic. I don't mean to say that normal autobiographies aren't truthful, but they're written after the actual event. The author has gained new perceptions, that may affect the descriptions of the raw emotion. With blogging, a person often writes right after something happens. They've still got the unfiltered feelings, and it just tends to seem more...honest, if that makes sense.
Well, I know I want that elusive book deal; do you?


Eve Noir said...

I wonder the same things you do. Hm, it is a very curious thing-what happens when you reach that 100+ peeps following point? Do you feel obligated/pressured to write better/different? Hm, I've even seen bloggers with over 1,000 followers, wow! I couldn't even imagine that.

But honestly, the coolest blogs I've come across usually have 100 or less followers-have you noticed that? And everyone says they blog for themselves, and I know you just HAVE to cuz what's the sense if you don't. BUT it feels really good knowing people are "listening." You know reading...;}

And I don't even know who Vodka Mom is, should I? Oh yeah, and I want a book deal too. Ha ha. That would rule! But wouldn't it be a weird transition from blogging every now & then to write an actual book? I don't know if I could do it. Did Vodka Mom do that or something?!! Maybe I need to check her out. ;}

Diane said...

hhmmm.... now you have me thinking. things i'd not thought before. i guess i just take it as it comes. i know that i will NEVER do product reviews or anything of that nature on my blog. although i do have some ads. but you can click or not. it's not in your face.

i'm actually surprised at how my blog has taken off. i just started in october. i know that i love it. and that i dont think i could ever run out of things to write about. so i just keep writing. i never thought anyone would really read. but i guess they do. personally i find my life a bit boring!

we'll see what happens...

i love reading your blog, btw. just keep writing!

Eve Noir said...

i'm a comment hog-oink oink! yes, lemme throw in that i LOVE to write (obvious, no?), but i never thought peeps would read consistently...but they do, & it's very a great feeling.

i know i'd feel kinda lost & very sad without my blog at this point (& it's only been 3 months for me too!). it also feels like my online home sweet home.

i'm so glad i have this outlet & that i've met so many cool peeps too (u are one!). i truly believe there's always something to talk/blog about...and that there's someone out there (in Bloggyland) who's interested.
as diane said, keep on writing...and that's all you can do, right!??

Anonymous said...

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Ev. said...

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taitle said...

Well, in some-ways it brings back memories so when you are older you read back and remember a day you had. I started a blog back in early '05 and I love reading back at it although there were some really sad moments in it.

I switched to blogspot to make a new start.

Anyway I will be reading - it gives me insight to what life is like at the other end of the pond ^_^