Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blogging Under The Influence

I've had a messed up day. I've had a cold since Tuesday, and it got worse today. I figured that if I took some serious strength cough-syrup, and tried to not talk much, I'd be fine. That was where I went wrong.
When I say serious strength cough-syrup, I'm not talking about Robitussin. I've had past horrible experiences with coughing, and the doctor gave me a scrip for the codeine stuff. I took a low dosage, and figured I'd be fine. Yeah. By the time the school bell rang, I was having a hard time walking without passing out. As I stood in the hallway talking to Ashley, I started to fall over and lean on her shoulder.
Our first hour teacher always leaves the lights off in the front row, and I have a hard time staying awake even after a can of Diet Coke. Obviously, today was a lot worse. I finished the assignment he gave us, and tried to sleep on my desk. I didn't actually manage to fall asleep, but I achieved a sense of distorted conscious where nothing made sense.
I probably would have fallen asleep, but the dork behind me, Johnny boy, decided to entertain himself by poking me in the back with a pencil. I ignored it the first couple times, but then I spun around and slapped the pencil out of his hand. I curled back up on my desk and resumed the thought insanity, but Johnny was a repeat offender. This time, I slowly turned around, grabbed the writing utensil, and held it as I once again tried to sleep. He sat there for a second, and then got up and bugged me to give it back. I told him I would, but I also told him if he touched me again I'd cut him without a second thought. I meant it, too.
I walked throughout the day in a weird, weird fog. People moved slowly, but my thoughts moved slower. It took such a physical effort to keep my eyes open, nothing else could occupy my attention. I couldn't really control my voice level, and I spoke in a low, quiet voice that was very un-me. This went on until lunch, when the food woke me up a bit.
I felt fine for a while, other than pretty bad chest pains due to coughing. then, my mom and I went running. If you've never ran with horrible chest pain before, let me tell you that you don't want to. I managed to do all 6 intervals, but I was hurting. As I walked to the car, I could not walk in a straight line.
When I got home, I had to clean the rabbit's pen, and as I walked across the field to the place where I dump his litter, the sky was slightly spinning. It was a different feeling than earlier today, and although it was more bearable, it still sucked. As I described it to my mom, my head felt like it was full of springs. When I moved my eyes, everything got all weird for a second.
Now, after some healing elixir (Diet Coke) and a few hours of rest, I feel (pretty much) normal. My chest still feels like its got a wire-brush in it, but other than that I'm OK. Now, I'm left with the question of why anyone would purposely invoke those feelings. Seriously, I felt like crap all day. It sucked. I'm gonna have to take more cough syrup soon, and I'm not looking forward to it. Fortunately, I'll be sleeping this time. I hope I get better soon...

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Eve Noir said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling good. Lots of peeps I know have something they're dealing with...luckily I've dodged that bullet so far (crosses fingers). My boyfriend just got over being sick. Just hang in there! Codeine stuff?-yeah, I think I'd be falling all over the place...that's pretty strong stuff. BTW: why are you going for a run when you feel this way? That's not a good thing.
Drink your fluids & stay warm (k, did I just sound like my mom!??)...^_^