Monday, March 9, 2009

An Unread Letter

Dear preppy, gossipy girls in band,
What is your deal? I'm afraid I've never quite gotten the whole "torture a person to insanity" form of entertainment, and I've never really cared to get a demonstration. What do you people not get about the classic way of telling someone to stop bugging you, "f**k off"?
I just don't really see the amusement in making someone mad. Why does it amuse you to see me angry? I'm starting to wonder how on earth I got elected class president, what with all the people who seem to dislike me in this school. Now, I'm cool with people hating me. In fact, I like it; at least then there are no uncertain terms. However, when people decide to try and mess with my head, it really starts to annoy me. How many times do you have to hear me say that I have personal space issues (touch my hair and die) before you understand that I'm not kidding? Obviously, more than the number I've already said.
Seriously, where's the point? What is wrong with your head that you find amusement in this? Seriously, I've really relaxed my opinions on preps and such, but it's people like you that cause the properly-earned prejudice. No wonder all of us rejects (those not willing to sell emotion for false friendships) have such opinions. How could anyone have a good word to say about someone as vile as you?
I think I've said my 47 cents worth, and that's all I can really do. Thank goodness for the wonder of being able to express my thoughts through this blog...


Diane said...

they are just bitchy girls. just let it roll of your back. trust me, in 20 years they will be miserable. karma is on your side, my reject friend.


Ashley said...

I'm sorry... when people act stupid like that toward me, my mom tells me to kick their a**. xD Ahaa, well yeah, you can't really do that because they're girls, but still, just don't let them get to you. That's what I've been trying to do, and pretty much failing miserably... but I HAVE FAITH IN U MANN!! ahaa. :) p.s. i was sick today, that's why i wasn't at school, if you didn't read my email I sent you this morning. Oh, and don't worry, I'm a reject too. =] Haha. K, Bye.