Monday, March 2, 2009


I'm NOT in a good mood. Wanna know why? good, because that's my topic today.

So, yesterday, Ashley was coming over. She was going to arrive at 2 in the afternoon, and leave at 6. Well, my mom and I were going to move the couch from the basement to the living room for optimum movie-viewing, when the power went out. We went down to the basement, flicked on the lights, and got no response. I was freaking out, because I really had planned the whole afternoon around watching movies, but there wasn't too much we could do. My mom called DTE, the local power plant, and they told us they would have it fixed by 5 in the afternoon, at the latest. I called Ashley on my cell and told her to wear long sleeves, just in case they didn't get the power back on quickly. Yeah.

So, Ashley came over, and we played various board- and card- games for the next 4 hours. 5 came and went, and we still had no power. It was starting to get really cold, and I was getting annoyed. Ashley went home, and my mom, family friend Joe, and I all piled into the car and drove around, trying to see who had power and if the power people were working on the lines. We found nothing, but it was warm in the car so it didn't really matter. When we got back, there was still no power.

We made some hot cocoa on the stove, which is fortunately gas powered, and got dressed up warm. Joe went home, and we went to my grandparents house, who live nearby and had power, to get water. For those living in the city, allow me to explain further. In the country, we have our own personal well for each house. If the power goes out, the well stops pumping. no well equals no water. When we got back home, we just went to bed. There was nothing to do, because it was dark and cold. I surfed the web for a while, of course, but I didn't want to kill the battery, so that didn't provide much entertainment.
When I woke up the next morning, it was horrible. I could actually see my breathe in the house. I was reminded of going camping, except there was no warm fire to go and sit next to. We still had no water, so we had to pack up our clothes and stuff, to drive over to my grandparents to shower and stuff. That sucked, because their shower is basically a cement cubicle in the basement. The water is so mineral-rich it practically dries on your skin.
We got our power back Monday afternoon, which was nice. The house was all warm when we got home, and we kept it a bit above the norm to make up for any fuel we had saved the day before.
By the way, if this post seemed somewhat odd in tense, that is due to the fact part was written while we still had no power, and the other part was written today, with a different perspective, a different time.

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taitle said...

Ouch - powercuts happen frequently at my house, but end quickly as well. Annoying if you are working on a computer.