Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Update

So, I went camping this weekend. I would have posted yesterday, but I was so busy catching up on stuff I follow I didn't have time. It was our Boy Scout "Polar Bear" campout, during which we have to spend 24 hours outdoors in the cold. Normally, it's a horrible campout, but this year it was great, because it was a really warm weekend.
It was actually the most fun scout activity I've done in a while, which was nice. I even managed to refrain from killing anyone! The best part was probably playing football and 500 with a Nerf ball, because although I stink at throwing a real football, I've got mad Nerf skills. The only crappy part about that was our SPL made us do 10 push-ups every time people got muddy, such as when tackling. I thought that that was really stupid, and it took away a little bit of the fun. I mean, even we were having fun, they managed to take just a little bit away from us.
That night was pretty cold, but it was probably because I had to pee most of the night. Also, my sleeping bag is a little bit small for me, and it's not rated very low temperature-wise. My back still feels really messed up after spending the whole night laying on the ground with out a pillow...actually, my whole body hurts. I wish I knew why, but I'm going to blame a combination of being tackled during football and running aches. My training for that half-marathon I mentioned is going good, but my skins are starting to hurt. I tried going running after the campout, but my legs just hurt too bad. I ended up just taking a nice walk, instead.
In other news, I finally got a record player. A friend of my mom's that had told me he would give me his finally did. It was really our fault, because we didn't stop over by his place to pick it up... All of the records I got in Chicago sound GREAT. The Ramones album was brand new, and was made of thicker vinyl, but it sounded just as good as the other ones that were cleaned. I'm worried I put a scratch in one of my Rats albums, though...
Well, I hear the schoolbell, therefore I must end this post. Peace out!

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