Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mining for Gems

I just want to warn you in advance, this is gonna be another one of those posts where I have no clear idea of what to write about. I'm sure if you're a regular reader your already familiar with these posts, so just bear with me. I know occasionally a gem of brilliance floats up out of these posts.

Don't you just love to read blogs that are just starting up? Ashley's blog is one of those. Eventually you learn that useing proper punctuation and grammer is much better, but it's fun while it lasts. The first few posts are awkward and uncomfortable, where you're going, "why am I writing this? Few, if any, people are reading this. What's the point?". Actually, Ashley knows a few people read her blog, whereas when mine began I knew I was alone in a world of six billion. Now, obviously, I know people read this, but it was a lonely beggining. The trick is surviving it.

I've also discovered a new cool band. By new, I mean new to me. They're called The Dead Milkmen, and they're really funny. All of their songs are mocking something, and they have that cool garage band/pre-grunge sound. I have two of their albums, and I'd like to get more. I heard them on an XM station, and I thought the song I heard was really funny. When reassured they were all like that, I quickly logged on to Amazon and ordered what was supposed to be their best album, Big Lizard In My Back Yard. It was an awesome album, so I went on and got another album, Eat Your Paisley! It's also pretty good. Actually, I'm listening to the latter right now, as we speak.

I discovered yesterday that I write dramatically better when writing like I'm writing to you lovely readers. I had to write an alphabiography, which I won't bore you with explaining, and I was told that auto- and alpha- biographies are supposed to be written in a very laid back style. Well, in my opinion, my best work is this blog, so I wrote it like a blog post. I read it to the class, and recieved a wave of applause and laughter. So, I figured I would thank you all for helping me write even better.

Well, I seem to have temporarily dried up my well of inspiration. Okay, not really, but I have very little time left to spellcheck this and post it, so I've got to be getting on. Peace out!


♥ashley said...

Fine!!! I'll use proper punctuation and grammer! Sheesh... lol

Anonymous said...

yea ur story was funny and i discovered a awesome new band to, it's called the devil wears prada. they auctually scare me a bit...

Anonymous said...

Oh and i was jst reading ashley's blog and the astronomy thing i'm a virgo jst so u know; it said we're compatible yea!