Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Lot of Random Thoughts

Hello, lovely readers, thanks for tuning in once again. Oh, and thanks for posting comments on my blog so I can pretend lots of people read this blog and most of them are too lazy to post.
Anyhoo, I just decided to post because I felt like it for no good reason. Well, lets chat a bit about me and guitar playing. My other band members a) don't know how to play either, b) are incredibly annoying, and c) have really stupid idea. The bassist came up with the gems that we should wear masks on stage, which does not seem like something my kind of band would do (that's pretty heavy metal), and that we should play rock band on stage instead of real instruments. OK, for the latter, what the #@$% was he thinking when he came up with that? I want to actually be a successful musician, not an idiot.
By the way, my guitar playing is getting better. I think the whole teach yourself method might actually work, at least for my style of music.
Well, I think I'd better get going, because my thoughts are starting to become harder to discern from the normal overhead going through.
See ya.


Unknown said...

wow. whos in your band. ive missed boy scouts for tennis which. ha ha. make sure you find the right band mates thats for sure. playing rock band on stage........ LOSERS

Anonymous said...

yeah you could wear masks like not realy that be weird...

Anonymous said...

oh and who's in ur band?