Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Does anyone know how Blogger picks the blogs of note? I've visited most of them, and most of them stink. I think it's becoming apparent that Blogger is more for intellectual-type sites and not for mine. I'll stay here, but I feel out of place here. I think Blogger might even be more successful if they had more blogs full of teenage angst like mine. It's just a bit more entertaining, in my opinion, than a blog all about a geologist's adventures. Sure, that's good for a research paper, but not for an entertaining blog to follow and cherish forever. I believe that's what people are looking for, not a blog all about someone's cat. If shows all about regular teen life are so popular, why can't a blog about it be popular too?
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Anonymous said...

hey i made a blog, sure it won't be as good as yours, but o well!!!
go to it!!

Anonymous said...

Oh of course we'll love and cherish ur blog forever