Monday, October 6, 2008

Holla everyone!

Sweet! More people are posting comments on my blog! Sure, I know them all, but it still makes me really happy!
Anyway, this week at school is spirit week. On Monday, we wear cool hats. I'm totally covered there. On Wednesday, we wear Hawaiian stuff. On Thursday, It's Michigan Vs. State, and Friday is school colors day. Now, I know what your all thinking: "Hey Drew, you left Tuesday out!" That's because I'd like to go into greater depth. Tuesday is wacky hair/clash day, and I plan on rocking our school. Now, by clash it means you wear clothes that clash. I'm aware of this, but I instead choose to interpret that as "dress up like The Clash", the famous punk rock band. So, I'll be coming into school that day with a studded belt, tight pants, tight T-shirt, factory boots, the obligatory bandanna tied around my leg, and of course gigantic dark sunglasses. for my hair, I'm straightening it, which will look cooler than the rest of my outfit combined. It's normally curly, and quite long. I've straightened it twice before, and it goes down to the middle of my back. it's pretty freaky.
Anyhoo, thanks again to everyone who posted. It's the little things that get you through the day.

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Anonymous said...

wow you do love comments on ur blog... if u want i can post a link on my myspace wear i've had hundreds of views. ashley jones said she would to. well let me know and here's my myspace link... [].
yeah and if ur lookin 4 tight rockstar jeans u need to go to hot topic the best store ever. [it's hardcore] but my one dude friend wears jeans from there and it scares me a bit. yeah friday's my favorite cause i love homecoming game [it's also hardcore]