Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm Still Alive!

Well, I guess the camp out went okay. I didn't freeze to death, although the only long sleeve article of clothing I brought was my mountain man coat. It's a really old coat, ands I had to keep it from getting dirty the whole weekend. Everybody else was looking all intelligent and stuff in their nice warm troop jackets and hoodies, while I stood there in a 18th century style wool coat. I managed not to kill anyone in my troop, although at a few points it got pretty close. All the people in that troop have the same opinion about it as me. They don't enjoy getting yelled at over trivial things and having to do push-ups for completely stupid reasons. It's not the military, it's stinkin' Boy Scouts! Sorry about that, but I had to diverge a little.
In other news, I submitted an idea to Slowwave for publishing. I keep checking in to see whether or not the guy will pick my story. I wait for the web page to slowly download with bated breath, wondering, "Could this be the day I get published? Will I gain the publicity I desire?" Well, that's at least what I think until the page downloads and I see I'm just an average loser. Then I go listen to heavy metal and cut myself. Um, I just realized it's hard to convey sarcasm through words, so let me just state that I'm not emo, or a cutter. It's just a joke that would be funny if you could hear the inflection in my voice.
Well, what can you really say after a failed joke like that?

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Anonymous said...

Drew... what did i tell you about cutting yourself!!!
just kiddin