Friday, October 10, 2008

Homecoming: so what?

Well, today I discovered something: most people I associate with each day, and trust in mental stability, are insane. Why else would they want to organize a pep rally that lasts 2 hours and wastes most of my time? Also, as class president, I couldn't just go and sit by my friends like I wanted to. Instead, I was expected to stand down by where the games were and help keep score and set up each game. It would have been just a little better if I was friends with even just one of the other class officers, but I'm not. They're all preps, I'm an unpopular person. I'm quite popular among the unpopular, but that just makes it worse. They kept having me stand on the other side of the gym doing the score, while they went off and gossiped meanly about all my friends (that's a guess).
Whats the big deal about homecoming anyway? All it is is a football game. Sure, I'm going, but that's just to hang out with my friends. i don't care about the game, as long as we win. To be a 100% truthful, I don't really get the rules of football. All the people in my scout troop who occupy senior positions love it, so we ends up playing a lot of it during camp outs. During those times, I just try and listen to what the other people say, and pray I'm not completely embarrassing my self.
Well, I've got to go. Well, I don't have to, but I'm done writing about this subject, and I don't want to start on the next until tomorrow.

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