Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Utica Is Frightening, As Is The Local Dump

Hey people, what's the happy-haps? Sorry, I've been watching too much Scrubs for my own good. But darn it all, those docs are hilarious...
Today was cool. OK, only partially. Because I'm kind, and I know you all don't want to wait, I'll tell you the bad (and therefore more amusing) first. We had to make a trip to the local dump...*vomit*.
We've been storing up our garbage in our garage all winter, to keep from being slaves to the garbage pickup industry. It created a sweet little mountain in there, after about three months. The cans filled up pretty fast, so we just started putting it in cardboard boxes. We were waiting until we had an entire truckload, which is apparently a very large amount.
We went to my grandparents' place to get their truck, and as a price for using it, we had to take over a wheel-barrow full of shingles from when they put an aluminum roof on their house, in October. Yeah...after sitting in a tub of stale water for half a year, they start to smell. Bad. Needless to say, my nice work gloves were ruined.
Actually, once we got to the dump, it wasn't too horrible. All we really did was back up to the big pit and shove all the crap out. Going to the dump is really saddening, because I know all the trash there is just gonna sit under a pile of dirt and pollute the planet...I feel bad for my grandchildren.
After going home and changing my clothes in an attempt to silence my irrational germophobe tendencies, we went into town and did a few errands. Once they were done, we headed over to Utica (in Michigan), to go to a running shop. Utica is very messed up place. I was scared one of the suburb housing plots would eat my soul if I got too close... Also, the parts of the town that aren't suburbs are like a giant, open-air mall. Expensive, too. After spending about half an hour driving around in the insane maze they had as an excuse for roads, we finally found the place, right next to a used record store. We didn't go to the used record store.
When we were done there, we went to a different, nearby strip mall to go to a thrift shop. I figured, since it was pretty nice town, they'd have nice stuff. All I got were a few cool books, to read on my way to Lansing Friday. I discovered something, too: when old people die, their records go to the thrift shop to slowly rot on the shelves. I know they made good records; I have a few. Why are they never where I am? There were no good CDs, either.
So, basically, that was my day. I know some people hate posts that just define their lives, like a journal entry, but that's not really my problem.

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