Friday, April 10, 2009

Breaking And Entering

Hello, readers. Today's post was supposed to be a mobile post, but because of some VERY uncool recent events, it won't be. Instead, I'll be ranting about the said uncool events.
OK, so last night, I got off the computer at about 12:20. About ten minutes later, 12:30, my mom came into my room and scared the crap out of me. I was still awake, lucky for her, because I've been known to punch people that try to wake me up (true). She told me I needed to get up, and that we were going for a ride. She was very quiet, and very vague. I was freaking out, and then she told me what was happening. My grandparents' store had just been broken into, and there was stuff missing.
I was ready in record time, and we were in the car. My mom said we were going to drive around the block, looking for "suspicious activity". At first, we were a bit suspicious of the neighborhood punks, but because of the way their yards looked, and some other conditions, they were pretty quickly moved down form "suspect" to "person of interest". We didn't see anything, even though everyone was pretty much suspicious in our eyes.
We pulled into the parking lot of my grandparents' store, and headed out to the shop. There was only one police car in the lot, which was a bit concerning. When we walked in, no one really tried to do anything. They had us give them the info on everyone who had the command codes for the security system, they got the data on the guns stolen, etc.
It turned out the robbers went in without doing their research. They grabbed guns that were, well, junk. We're pretty sure only one guy actually went in to get them, and just grabbed as many as he could in a bear hug before heading out. Not really the brightest, although he's so far evaded capture.
The worst part, though, was my grandma. She was rather farklempt (look it up; it's Yiddish). She felt that the police officers weren't doing all they could (they were, actually), and expressed this in blatant terms. She was almost at the point of tears, and wasn't really making any sense. It was sad...the worst part was the fact she wasn't even getting mad at the right guy. The one she kept yelling at was really polite, considering the amount of verbal abuse he was taking. The rude guy, who was really cocky and arrogant, somehow evaded her scorn. So it goes.
Apparently, this afternoon, my grandpa and a few friends found footprints in the cornfield, footprints that led to a tag from one of the stolen guns. Now, the police are dusting the door for fingerprints, despite the fact every single family member has touched it since it happened. I'm hoping they catch whoever it is, cause I'm kinda ticked off. I mean, they had to have known the layout of the store to have been able to get in and out so fast. Also, they must have been pretty observant to see how to get the back door open.
So, that was the reason for my not posting about my day today. I'll just post tomorrow, and you'll have to wait. Deal with it.


Eve Noir said...

You can get quite sassy at the end of your posts! I've noticed that lately. Now, now, that's no way to talk to your followers...;}

Sorry someone(s) broke in their store. That really sucks!

Heidi R. said...

dude...that totally sucks that someone broke in. Sorry!! Hope they find the guys...

Diane said...

i swear! i missed EVERYTHING!

this totally sucks!!!

hahaha i just looked over and read the other comments. "this totally sucks" x 3!