Saturday, April 25, 2009


OK, guess what? I got a bass guitar!!! I've known for a while that I was getting it, though...

So, when I was shooting with my grandpa last Sunday, he got a phone call from my grandma, who was shopping with my mom. He put it on speakerphone, because the earpiece doesn't work on it. Naturally, being a teen, I listened in. My grandma told him that, after they were done at the fabric store, they were going to the music store. Hmm, and why would they need to go there? I figured it was because my birthday is soon. After I got home, I asked my mom where her and my grandma went. When she only said the fabric store, any doubt was removed from my mind. The weird part was, last time I got a guitar, I found out beforehand too.

On Monday, she asked me if I wanted to get my birthday gift extra early. I said sure, and told her how I already knew. She just laughed, and said she knew grandma gave it away then. She described it to me, and said we couldn't pick it up until Friday.

Needless to say, the rest of the week was pretty unbearable. I bugged my friends every day, increasing the annoyance level a little bit each day. Finally, Friday came. I practically needed sedatives to keep me in my seat, I was so excited during the school day. It too finally ended, and we went straight to the store. The guy pulled it off the shelf, and I fell in love with it. Check out it's pic and you'll see why. He plugged it in an amp, and I played a few little riffs I learned before hand to appear skilled. The amp stunk, but I could already tell it was a great sounding guitar.

He let me try it in the amp I got, and it sounded a lot better. We got it, and rushed home so I could play it. I played for three hours straight, took a little break, and played for another hour. By the end of the night, my fingers were practically bleeding. I need to invest in some superglue, I can already tell.

I'm having Crush Of Society over on Tuesday, and I'm hoping we sound good. I need to get a cover of something recorded by June, which seems daunting. I'm thinking Blister In The Sun, because I can play the bass part, Bobby can play the guitar parts, and the drums are incredibly easy. My only concern is the lyrics, but I think I'll just stop singing during any bad parts. maybe I'll do a cool string-pop, like the Violent Femmes do.

Don't worry, you'll all get free tickets to the first concert.


Unknown said...

sooo.... what time on tuesday?

zenstereo said...

Wow, what a great present! I'm jealous.
Thanks for subscribing to my blog, and to reply to your question about water polo:
Water polo is kind of like basketball in the water, with goals like in soccer at either end of a deep water pool. You have to tread water and throw this ball around with your teammates to score goals. It's incredibly fun, and really intense; it's kind of famous for being violent and crazy.
Here's a youtube (with a Queen song, lol):

taitle said...

well done on getting the bass!

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Eve Noir said...

Hi Boyd! I gave you an award, I think you'll like this kinda one. But it's on my Goth Blog.
Take care~Eve