Saturday, April 4, 2009

Road Trip: Shooting Competition

I had fun today. I went to a shoot with my grandpa and a bunch of the dudes we shoot with normally, that lasted most of the day.
It started out with me waking up. Despite the fact I was told we were all leaving at 9-ish, I didn't set my alarm clock and wound up waking up at 8:13. I was freaking out, because I didn't think I'd make it in time. I did, actually. We didn't leave until 9:30-ish, either.
We drove there in a caravan, with me in the most loaded up car. There were four of us: my grandpa; Doug, the youngest guy in the group other than me, somewhere in his forties; Me, obviously; and Freddy, a friend of my grandpa's that doesn't actually normally shoot with us, but is really cool and liked by the whole group. My uncle and his friend Mike were in a truck full of guns from the hock shop were my uncle works, and King (a guy who shoots with us a lot in the summer) and Mark (a guy who sometimes shoots with us, that used to be in charge of the club) were in another car.
We got there after about an hour of driving, and I was pretty much immediately impressed. They had a very clean, nice club, with full time employees. The clubhouse had a snack bar, a bunch of table set up with products, and an upstairs room with a bunch of cool antique-stuff. They had a 5-stand (look it up), a sporting clays trail (once again, look it up), a bunch of trap and skeet fields (do I have to keep telling you?), and some other ranges I didn't see.
We went there to shoot sporting clays, something our local club does not have. It was a big, twice yearly competition, in which you could only shoot side by sides (refer to above parentheses). I was the only person in the building under 30, other than one puller who looked about my age. We got out to the sporting clays trail right after we got there, and I had a TON of fun. If you were too lazy too look it up before, and don't know what it is, let me describe it the best way I can; it is basically putt-putt golf, except with guns. It's designed to simulate real-life hunting, for those of us who aren't big on the whole killing thing.
I did pretty good, finishing with a 21 out of 50. My grandpa got a 22 out of the same, so I figured I got the highest possible score possible without having to walk home (never beat the person driving). They don't often pick up hitchhikers with guns. We sat around and shot a few lines of skeet, while waiting for the big dinner they were serving. It was steak...I'm really not that big of a fan. I'm just not big on food that tires your teeth when chewing, and requires a special knife to cut it.
One of the guys in our group actually tied for 1st place. He lost the tie-breaker, but it was still pretty cool. We left pretty soon after, and I slept the way home. I think it was a good trip to take, it was very cool. It seems like "Road Trip: Shooting Competition" should be an article on The Art Of Manliness. Like, not my version, but one written by the authors over there.


Diane said...

sounds like a fun time! but you're crazy if you think i'm looking all that stuff up! lol

this is actually something i'd love to try!

p.s. i'm also not a big fan of steak!

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