Monday, April 6, 2009


Guess what I did today? Went swimming at the new local YMCA!! Our town's old one was really old and worn down, but the new one is awesome!!!
So, each year around this time, we have to take a swim-test for Boy Scouts. In it, you have to swim the length of the pool 5 times, 4 regular and 1 on your back. You also have to be able to float for at least 5 minutes, and save a person using a hook and a floaty-thing. It's really really hard...I'm not exactly a "capable" swimmer. I inhale water as I'm going, I get tired, stinks.
After we do the test, we get to have an open swim. Before they opened the new Y (the week after last year's test), we just swam around in the deep end. Now, however, there's a sweet water-park sorta thing set up...a current pool, a water slide, one of those odd pipe structures that sprays water...After I finished the test, my head was spinning like crazy. As I told my friend Bobby (Crush Of Society guitarist), up is down and down is somewhere...over there. Did that stop me from racing up the stairs to the slide, though? Of course not! Safety is for squares.
Once everyone was pretty much bored with the waist deep water, we went back to the pool and were having fun pelting each other with the sort of balls one might find in a children's ball pit. It was smashingly fun, despite the fact everyone was getting covered in painful welts and bruises. But of course, the stupid leaders had to go and ruin the fun.
"Hey guys, instead of acting like normal kids, why don't you go and organize some swimming races??" To be totally honest, there might have been paraphrasing there. We pretty much ignored the scout master in question, but he persisted. He told the top scout to get us to stop and to set up the lame races. Did he stick up for us? No. Did he comply willingly to the stupidity, like the puppet he is? Yes. What a tool...
After the thing ended, my mom and I stopped at Dunkin' Donuts for a tasty treat and some coffee. I got a latte and a poppy seed bagel that I'm sure would get me fired from anywhere that does mandatory drug tests. As the dude at the register went and got my coffee, the lady that had been mopping the floor came up to me and said, "You should be on TV." I looked at her quizzically, and she said, "you know, you just have a face for TV." I was really puzzled, but I replied with, "Well, I'm gonna be a rock star, so I'll be doing all the interviews and live performances that come with the jobs." She smiled oddly, and walked away. It was really really weird, and it had me laughing the whole way home. She probably wouldn't pass a mandatory drug test, either...

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