Friday, April 17, 2009

Stayin' Alive

Good day, Boyd's World readers. Last night at school we had an Activity Night, which is the marketing word for a school dance. I mean, sure, you COULD play in the gym or play guitar hero, but pretty much everyone is in the room with speakers. I was, anyway, as were my friends.

It was pretty fun, in all, except for one thing. Setting up. Now, it's not like I hate working. I like to help out with easy work, and as a bonus I got to get out of the last two hours of school. The problem was the people I had to work with...all the preps that populate the Class Officers and Student Council. Not to say everyone on them is, but the people I like on the Student Council were noticeably absent. I'm sure I've been left out of stuff, too. Somebody is making the decisions, but it's definitely not me.

The people I did have to work with, though, literally made me sick. I had to take Tylenol just to get rid of the headache they gave me. The odd thing was, the nicest of them were the worst, yesterday. The worst was when they were making fun of this kid that is, well, awkward. "Ohh, don't forget to hang a row of lights in the back for [person], so he can dance all alone in that weird way he does". *cue spastic imitation*. Those tools. Right after that, they were going on about how bad they felt for him. Ohh, you must feel pretty bad, mocking him!!! Hypocrites. They were also being horribly homophobic, calling everything gay and anyone who disagreed or did something wrong a fag. In my book, that's pretty much on par with racism: unacceptable. As a dude with long hair and a pierced ear, I hate it. But enough with the bummer; on to the fun.

I think I definitely set an impression. I achieved this by wearing a biker jacket and all black the entire time, which people commented on the whole 2 hours. I had sunglasses on in the beginning, but they were really hard to see it. I know, fashion is pain, but they tend to make my head feel all weird if I wear them indoors too long. All the teachers I saw that knew me started laughing when they saw me, haha. Actually, when I went to get the projector cart for the Guitar Hero room, the librarian, who was taking all the pictures, said, "I HAVE to take your picture." She took about 13, and about 5 turned out nicely. There's one where I look like Joey Ramone off the cover of their first album, it's very cool. I'll probably post them on here when she gets them developed.

I also set an impression with my dancing. I'm not saying I dance well; I suck. However, I am an attention whore. I got up on the stage in front of the DJ and danced twice. I did the YMCA with a mob of people, and I discoed to Stayin' Alive with this one 7th grader. Needless to say, all my friends were mortified to even know me. The YMCA was kinda embarrassing, cause it turns out I did the "C"s backwards. Umm, yeah, I meant to do that...sure... Probably something to do with my left-handedness there. I also probably looked the most like someone from Village People, because of my jacket.

In conclusion, it was pretty fun.

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you must post that pic.