Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1st Insights

I'm ending Boyd's World.
Yeah, I don't plan on ending this place anytime soon. One of the blogs I follow was deleted today, and even though I wasn't the biggest fan, it was still upsetting. Don't worry, I won't do that to you guys.
Anyway, I'm just posting to alleviate some of the boredom that comes with having all my homework done before school and a computer at my fingertips. Ohh, guess what else comes with April 1st? that's right the first day this year we can wear flip-flops. I don't actually obsess over sandals, like some people do, but it's fun. I mean, what isn't fun about getting frostbite while making a fashion statement? Inversely, sometimes I like to wear my Doc Martens on this day every year, so I can "accidentally" step on peoples toes. Gotta keep it even.
I'm in a bit of a boring time, reading-wise. I don't have the money to purchase books brand new, the used book store that has the best selection in town closes at an hour that makes it impossible to visit (who closes at 4 PM?), and the library doesn't carry much of my favourite. Well, the two local branches I visit don't, anyway. I could order the books from another branch, but that would involve waiting a few days, then driving in to pick them up, which would probably invoke complaining. Right now, I'm re-reading a favourite of mine, Outrageous Fortune by Tim Scott. He's only written two books (so far), and he's so unknown he doesn't have a wikipedia page. Despite this, he is the most insanely hilarious humour/sci-fi author one could imagine. His writing reminds me quite a bit of Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide series. I also have a book of Jim Morrison poetry from the library. His work sounds best read aloud, but it's not often one can read aloud to himself without sounding like a nut.
Well, there's the bell. Peace out.

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Diane said...

ta hell with it! read 'em aloud anyway! (that's what i'd do!)

i think people who wear sandals today living in MI are just plain nuts! that's nuttier than reading aloud, for sure.

i saw a girl the other day wearing capri pants, flip flops and her big puffy winter coat. how dumb! lol