Sunday, January 30, 2011

Small Update

Hey there, everyone. How's it been? I've been keeping up with all your lives, reading your blogs - just not updating my own. Well, I currently have a bunch of videos being uploaded to JayCut (an online video editing site) and a huge chunk of free time. Blog post? I think so!

First things first, here's the press release sent out about my trip to the State Of The State. I'm not totally happy with it - excerpts like, "Runner-up, Yale High School sophomore Drew Morgan watched from the House balcony" don't really sound very glowing. More like, "We had to keep him there to make his school happy - normally, we don't let long-hairs in the capitol building at all!"

The videos I mentioned uploading, by the way, are all videos Bobby and I have made of us playing various Crush Of Society songs. Hopefully, I'll have them on YouTube by tonight. While you wait with bated breath for them to be posted, you can re-watch our old videos here.

Last week was exam week...meaning 3 half days! Exams don't really stress me...they're just a little break from learning, really.

Hmm...this blog post started out with so much potential...I apologize for the disappointment it has become. I'll leave it as is, to avoid furthering its horridness.


Kindros said...

Not disappointed, refreshing and informative. I never thought abut that long hairs in a capital building thing, now I know.

Exams were always fun for me. I was more productive during the downtime then when I was actually suppose to be learning.

Eeshie said...

God, I hate exam week. I always think I'm going to fail every one, and then find out I aced them all. By now, I should have learned that I'm not going to fail.

They're stressful :\

That Blond Guy said...

I still think that's so cool. A press release?! That's pretty exciting no matter what.

Good luck with the band videos. Your first two are totally awesome.

Hee hee. My word verification is "pube." (Snorts with laughter.) That's funny.

-Sam. said...

...Why DON'T politicians have long hair?!
(psh, friggin America.)

cya dude,

Ps. do post the videos when youre done

That Blond Guy said...

I agree with the stranger in the comment above me. Do post the videos. You guys are awesome.