Monday, January 17, 2011

Brand-New Suit

Guess who's going to the Michigan State of the State address on Wednesday? This guy! I got the call from my Rep's secretary today after school. I was actually runner-up, but the top two contestants both get to go. Here's the essay, by the way.

Naturally, upon hearing I'd be going to a fancy political thing, I headed out immediately to town with intentions to buy a suit. And boy oh boy, did I. I'm not going to lie...I look pretty snazzy.

Kind of a freaky picture, but you get the idea...I'll have better ones after the actual event.

I apologize for my lack of posts...yesterday, I was busy being a rock star and having a band practice, which was, of course, productive. If you go to Youtube and search "Crush Of Society," our videos come right up to the top. Currently there are only a few from my recent-ish party, but soon there will be two more. And they are awesome. Consider yourself warned. Also, we have a Facebook page, which can be found by searching our name. That has a couple demos, and some sweet fan art posted by our good friend Tanner, who is an amazing artist.

The day before that (Saturday, for those who are as bad with dates as me), Gabby came over and we hung out. We picked her up from the community college library she was studying at early that morning, and took her shopping with us. It was fun, and I really love the fact that we could just go shopping and seem normal and stuff. After that, we watched Sweeney Todd and made pasta (which was delicious). It was a fun way to spend a Saturday, all in all.

Well, I have to go to bed and hope it doesn't snow bad enough for school to be cancelled. Normally I'd consider that insanity, but because I'll be missing at least part of 2 days because of the Lansing thing, I'd like to be able to get all my assignments and not drown in homework when I come back...


RainboRevolver said...

Lookin' sharp :)
This might be a little weird (and it's never good when a sentence starts with that haha) but out of curiosity, how old are you?

Anyway, have fun at the thing!
Have a nice day.

Kindros said...

Rock star or politician? Hmmmm, sound too down to earth for a politician. I'll have to check out the rock star side.

Eeshie said...

You look SPIFFY.

Tanner "Four String Finger Sting" Simmons said...

Thanks for the shout out, man! I agree, you look like a sexual tiger in that suit! I'll be gladly warming your seat in French class while you're gone! Peace!

That Blond Guy said...

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS ARE SO AWESOME!!!! I searched your band on YouTube and it was seriously quality stuff. You have a really good voice, and I'm listening to "I Don't Know" for the third time while writing this comment. That's the first time I've ever done that for a garage band YouTube video. Rock on, hermano!

Wild hair, man. That picture of you in the suit was like Robin Weathers meets The Cure.

I loved Sweeney Todd! It would have been way better if I watched it with a chick, though.

Boyd said...

@ Rainbow Revolver: 15

@ That Blond Guy: Thanks for the amazing compliments! I feel all warm and fuzzy inside now!

@ Everyone: Thanks!

Gabs said...

DUDE! You look pretty awesome in your suit... haha! hope you're having funn in Lansing love!