Friday, June 5, 2009

Week Highlights, Featuring A Starring Role By Thursday

Wow, this week has been a boring-ness record setter (although it's always fun to make up words!). On Monday and Wednesday, my only major tasks were to go to the gym and sweat too much, then play my bass guitar when I got home. Not too impressive, I know. On Tuesday I went shooting, once again something not worth writing about.

Yesterday was a little more interesting, but only in a slight sense. We had our music awards assembly, which is separate from the regular awards ceremony because, well, band is awesome. I stayed in my mom's classroom the entire time between school getting out and the assembly, which was about 4 hours. Can you say boring? Even though I was reading a really funny non-Blogger blog called The Sneeze and listening to David Bowie.

Finally, at 6:15, a good quarter hour before it started, my mother and I headed over to the High School it was being held at. "Hey mom, why do you think there are so many cars already?" Turns out I got the time wrong, and it started at 6 instead of 6:30. As I walked into the room, trying to remain unnoticed, they called all 8th graders who had been in band all three years to the stage. Super. It was actually pretty cool, because we got medals for our varsity jackets, a pin in the shape of our instrument (or multiple pins for those over-achiever types), and a polo for Marching Band next year.

There was quite a problem with shirt sizes, because of warehouse issues. I got a children's medium, with a girl's cut none the less. Ironically, my mother and I had a conversation about how one should not want to be like David Bowie because of cross-dressing just a few hours ago, haha. I found a friend who could actually fit into that size, and traded for a slightly larger shirt. However, still not satisfied, I went up on stage with the rest of the upset polo-people and got a different shirt. This one might fit, but I'm concerned about what will happen if it shrinks in the wash.

Today Ashley is having a party, and I'm looking forward to it. It will be the fourth party on a Friday I'll have been to in a row, and if I get to go to my friend Tessa's party next Friday I'll make it to five! Of course, I'll be the only guy at this evening's event. I was even the only guy at my own party, for goodness sake! Fortunately, I don't really mind.

Well, I've got to go to work so I can hopefully make enough money to buy a drum kit from my friend, thus completing Crush Of Society's equipment needs for the moment. Have a great weekend!

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Unknown said...

i thought the awards was at 6:30 too! i was fooled.
get used to the polo, you wear it like every other band function.