Sunday, June 28, 2009

Crush Of Society Update And Me Losing The Battle

When WAS the last time I posted about Crush Of Society? I have no clue, nor the motivation to check.

We finally have all instruments necessary to play music. At our last - and only - practice, I borrowed a snare drum from the school. Now that's it summer, we can't really do that anymore. So, I used my vast network of musician friends to find a cheap drum kit. By that, I mean I was chatting with the band's former drummer when I found out he was selling his old kit for $75. I saved up, and went over the other day to pick it up.

It's actually in nice condition, which surprised me. I mean, only 75 bucks? That's pretty crazy. There's only one hole in the skins, and the cymbals, while dented horribly, are still playable. They're black, my favourite colour.

I'd like to have Bobby and Stephen over so we can actually use it, but Stephen (the drummer, for those of you not in the know) is on a scouting outing the whole week. I'm not, because I finally dropped out.

It's kind of a bummer, because I feel like I lost a three year battle with my evil leaders. However, it was just becoming so painful and worthless. They had given up on me, I had given up on caring. I started wearing my leather jacket everywhere, not showing in uniform, ignoring instructions, what have you. The people I actually liked in the troop are currently fellow future rock stars with me in COS, so it's not like I'll fall out of contact with them.

Anywhoo...I'll post any songs recorded on here, for all of you dear readers!

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Diane said...

i can't wait to hear you guys! score on the drum kit!

i'm not sure what to say about dropping out of scouting. the mom in me wants to say "you know, if you eagle, that will look really good on a resume." i like to think i'm a cool mom, but in that regard, i guess i'm not all that cool.

however!!! the little cool part of me that's still left wants to say, "do what makes you happy! you only live once."