Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another COS Update

Quick post today, my apologies. I just want to ask you dear readers to take a look at the following link:

that's right - it's Crush Of Society's MySpace! It is very plain at the moment, but I guarantee it will be completely glorified in a little while. As it is, you can add us and see the line-up, perhaps read a bit about our style. Oh, and of course - listen to us play! That's right, I have a song up. It's a horrible recording, because I broke the mic on my MP3 by setting it on my amp a while back. Despite that, it's still us.

So, check it out. Who knows, maybe you're all lucky enough to be fans of the next world-famous band!


Eve Noir said...

i am or i asked to be a friend!!!

Diane said...

super cool! heading over now to check it out!

Diane said...

went and took a listen! AWESOME!!! ok now start saving up for new equipment!! or get a sponsor!

you guys are gonna do great! just keep doing what you're doing!