Thursday, July 9, 2009

Indiana (Pt. 1?)

Does anyone remember me mention I was in Indiana a few weeks ago? Well, I believe the time is here for me to post about it.

The place in Indiana I was in specifically was a small town called Friendship. It actually has a Wikipedia page, which is interesting considering I could stand on top of the town bank and see all the way to the other side. It's significant because of an event that occurs there twice a year: the NMLRA (National Muzzle-Loading Rifle Association) has it's national shoot there. I've been to it before, once when I was four and once when I was eight, but there is a difference between those times and this time; this time I was actually shooting in it. A national competition.

The reason I was there before was my family has always been involved in the NMLRA's functions, My grandparents especially. They have a booth set up on the commercial row to sell stuff at, and my grandpa, mom, and uncle used to shoot in the competitions they have there.

Shooting on a national range was pretty cool, actually. It was like a giant pavilion, with a big bench running down the middle. Most of the people there had enormous tackle boxes filled with loading supplies and who knows what else, while I stood there with my little pouch and tiny box. It wasn't bad, since my grandpa functioned as coach and was there to chat with the whole time.

I shot well, scoring in a few different matches. I took second in an NRA match, and third in a 4H match. The medals were really cool looking, and I got a certificate. In addition, I got bragging rights that I shot and placed in a national competition. Woohoo!

I'd like to update you on the other cool stuff there, such as the flea markets, and the not-so-cool stuff there such as the southern accents, but I have to go to work. woohoo...! If you remind me, I'll post about them soon!

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