Thursday, July 23, 2009

This One Time, At Band Camp...

Guess where I've been every weekday since last Thursday? Band Camp! It's not an overnight camp, but lasts all day every day. It's a lot of fun, and pretty tough.

I'm lucky enough to be the only freshman trumpet player, because our third trumpet decided to become a drummer (dummer?) and our first trumpet became a flag girl. There's only five trumpet players in all, from senior to freshman. We have the melody of virtually every song, so we have to make it sound like there are about 20 of us. Needless to say, my chops are dead at the end of each day.

I'm kind of shocked at how much I've been able to learn in just this past week. Roll steps, how to turn, managing to cover a distance that would normally be 2 steps in 44, while playing an instrument. We've got very ambitious formations for the half-time show, and it's tough. In one song, we have 56 steps to move about three yards. In another, 16 steps to move 15 yards. Running backwards, in time to music you're supposed to be playing, is very difficult.

Our theme this year is "decades", with a song from the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's. They are:

  • Rockin' Robin
  • Surfin' USA
  • Old Time Rock 'n' Roll
  • Mickey

"Rockin' Robin" is incredibly easy, and has pretty simple moves. The toughest part is going backwards and ending up as part of a diagonal, but I'm managing. "Surfin' USA" is about the same, although we have a solo we need to memorize. I can barely hit all the notes in it, so at a few points I just mime the fingerings (don't tell anyone!). "Old Time Rock 'n' Roll" is the one with the whole "44 steps, 1 yard" thing going on. The one trumpet player literally stays on the same yard line the entire song. "Mickey" is the toughest, with lots of running, both backwards and forwards. At one point everyone forms two circles and the guys have to go inside of them. At that point, everyone stops playing and the girls do the "Hey Mickey" cheer thing. I get to stand in the middle, looking embarrassed while being serenaded. Then we literally run across the field, to form a giant triangle thing.

Despite how tough it is, it's pretty impressive. I'm proud of myself, and how well the section is doing. My back, feet, and lips kill at the end of each day, but it's still a ton of fun.

(P.S.: I wrote this entire post on a Windows 98 powered by dial-up, at an elementary school's library. I've been sliding the rolley chair between two different computers, just so I can achieve about the same things I could with one window and tabbed browsing. Mad props to those who have to surf the net like this every single day.)


Diane said...

This sounds really cool! I guess I never really thought about everything that goes into choreographing a band.

Keep up the hard work! You're a really cool kid, you know that?

Steve Runciman said...

Hey Man. Just sorta stumbled onto your page :L

That sounds like fun !

My Granda has a really old computer and it's a nightmare to use whenever i visit haha, don't know how those people cope like !

Take care bud :)


Unknown said...

yeah, mickey is kinda crazy. like im sprinting pretty much the whole time. and i have to keep the beat! now imagine carrying a 35-40 lbs drum with those routines. then you'll understand.

*Tenley said...

Ahh, that sounds extremely hectic. I've never thought about how hard that would be... Kudos to all high school band members!

The Kid In The Front Row said...

I had no idea band camps really existed!!