Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Green Day!

Guess where I was last night? A GREEN DAY CONCERT!!! Woohoo! It totally rocked. This was my first actual rock concert, and quite a good introduction to the concept.

We got the tickets off of Craigslist, a nerve wracking experience for my mom. She was afraid they would be counterfeit, which is a valid concern. When we met the guy in the parking lot, my mom wanted to be able to write his license plate down so we could track him down if they were.

"Drew, do you have a pencil?"

"Only this unsharpened one."

"Here, let me see it."

She proceeded to use my dull pocket knife to sharpen it, leaning out the window to avoid getting wood chips in the car. That is what he pulled up seeing: a person leaning out the window waving a knife about. Poor guy must have been terrified.

They said "obstructed" on them, which we took to mean a score board or something in our way. It turns out we were directly behind a huge black curtain. Needless to say, we weren't happy. Fortunately, they were redirecting everyone with tickets for there to seats parallel to the stage, with a great view.

The were opened for by The Bravery, whom I had never listened to before. For those of you who don't feel like looking them up and haven't listened to them, they sound like Coldplay, with a bit of The Cure thrown in when they're live. The singer was very New Wave, which was amusing. Their set was pretty short, and riddled with technical difficulties. I still really liked them, and thought, "I'll probably be opening for them in the future."

Then Green Day came on. AMAZING!!! I swear, they played for three hours. Billie Joe came on stage and immediately cussed us all out because we weren't all dancing. I was, though! I danced the entire concert, and am paying for it today...ahaha.

He did this weird thing during the song "East Jesus Nowhere" that I thought was pretty cool. He started out by asking the audience who wanted to be saved, and everyone started screaming. He was saying all this biblical stuff, and then launched into the song. Towards the end, he asked the audience to send a child onstage, from the mosh pits. This little nine year old came up, and said his name and all that good stuff. Billie Joe held his hand to the kids forehead and said biblical stuff again, and then BAM! The band launched into the loud parts of the song again, fireworks went off, and the kid fell backwards onto the ground, spread eagle.

When the song ended, He shouted at the kid, "Get the f**k off my stage now, you little brat!!" it was pretty funny.

They managed to make every song last 10-20 minutes, with audience participation. He had people come onstage and sing, and at one point a guy came up from the mosh pits and played guitar. He was incredibly ADHD, with all his running and jumping and stuff. I want to write a description of all the songs, but then we'd be here all night. "Holiday" was sweet, and "Hitchin' a Ride" went on forever.

One other cool song was "King For a Day". I'd never heard it before, and thought he was singing "Gay For a Day". I had good reason to think that, too. The lights were rainbow, and the whole band was dressed up like Village People. Billie Joe did...inappropriate things to the stage, and launched into falsetto covers of "Shout!" and that song from Back To The Future Pt. 1. It was hilarious, and incredibly well done.

It was freaky, towards the end. They had cameramen all around the catwalk into the pit, and the images were being projected onto the screen behind them. The images were all filtered, so they looked like the cover of Transformer (old Lou Reed album - anyone heard of it?). He was singing right at the camera, and my mom tapped me on the shoulder.

"Drew, he looks just like you on screen!"

And he did, in a way. His hair was a bit shorter, but other than that we looked alike. It was pretty crazy.

All in all, it was a pretty amazing first concert. I wish I could go on about it for hours, but then of course you'd get bored (if you're not already). My parting comment is: No one knows how to pogo anymore, and not enough people get into the music as much as they should. My neck hurts, and my throat absolutely kills, but it was SOO worth it. Someday I'll be the one onstage!!


Eve Noir said...

Hi Boyd.

Gave you an award. Please stop by to pick it up soon.

Take care~

cheshirecat said...

sounds amazing and a concert is worth everything! youre so right, i once didnt eat for a whole day so i wouldnt have to move from the front of the mosh, bit stupid but worth it!

*Tenley said...

Grrr, I'm officially jealous, I wish I could see Green Day in concert!!!
My first concert was Avril Lavigne in first grade, lol.

Oh, and The Bravery is pretty sweet. What songs did they play?