Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This week is all exams at school. That's the quick way of saying my memory is currently being put to the test on half a years' knowledge, a big order.

I'm somewhat concerned about one of the exams I already took, Advanced Social Studies. I won't go on my little rant about how I think the exam is poorly written and the class isn't well taught, because I've been informed I can't blame every bad grade I get on the teacher. I will say that this test is quite important to me, because I hope to be valedictorian and (so far) I've been getting the grades for it.

All in all, however, I think I'm pretty much prepared for the rest of my exams. I've actually studied a bit, and my hardest (the above mentioned Adv. Social Studies) is already over. The other one I've already taken is Geometry, which was incredibly easy. The nice thing about math is that there are no "best choice" type questions. It's right, or it's wrong.

Wish me luck!


Anonymous said... can't blame teachers, but it's not as though you've even had any bad grades! What I was really meaning with that was as an adult I have to be careful not to go in guns blaring, but try to maintain a level of calm. Perhaps there's more to his side of the story...please don't take offense - it wasn't meant that way.

bart said...

Bad teachers are just another Brick in the Wall. No matter what field you end up in you'll have to be prepared to work for and with twits and morons. You really are learning something in that class.

sAm said...

holy crap - bart sounds sane and is giving good advice! I miss bart.