Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dinner With Family

Well, today I had intended to write a post about my class ring that I was supposed to get today. However, when I went up to the table they had them at and tried it on, I discovered it was two and a half sizes too big. I hadn't been able to make it to the meeting to get my finger size measured, and my mom had to bring in two rings and say "This one is too big and this one is two small. Find the middle."

So, you'll instead have the joy of hearing about my evening. Today was my grandpa's birthday, and we went to dinner at a fancy restaurant in the downtown of the city/town near us. It was a last-minute thing, because I was supposed to have a pep band event at school; however, it was cancelled because the "upper authorities didn't feel it was a good place for the band". This is, of course, referring to a cheerleading competition. You've got to watch out for those cheerleaders, they're deadly.

My mom and I hadn't gotten my grandpa a gift as of when school got out, and we still didn't know what to get him. My mom's gift was some top-shelf whiskey, and I went with a gift card to a kitchen store (he loves to cook). I didn't feel a gift card was very thoughtful, but then we got some cards that made up for it. I wrote a personalized message in mine (round of applause for me).

Back to the restaurant. My mom drove my grandparents to the place, to save gas. I got in the backseat and promptly fell asleep, which has been happening a lot lately. My uncle met us there, and we took our seats. He and I talked guitars for a while, and then our orders arrived.

Let me just say: the food at this restaurant is fantastic. My favourite item on the menu was no longer being made, apparently, but I substituted it with a burger and was delighted at the taste sensation.

The ride home was a bit problematic. My uncle's truck is very very old, and it hasn't been taken care of in the best manner possible. My grandma got a phone call about five minutes after we left the restaurant, causing her to panic and my mother to make a joke about whether she knew how to take a call. My uncle's truck was failing, and he wanted us to follow him home in case he broke down.

Now, at this point you have to know that my grandmother can be a very dramatic person. She started freaking out about him getting home, heaving big sighs and posing in an anguished manner. We made it to his house, and when he told her what he thought was wrong with it she started freaking out even more. There was no reason for this particular freak out; all he said was that he'd have to buy a new belt for the engine.

Once that had settled out, everything was smooth sailing. We made it home okay, and I logged on to write this post.

Hey, I made it to present time! Guess I've filled you in on the evening, with all the uncensored comedy and tragedy inherent. Woohoo!

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