Monday, January 18, 2010

A Dispatch From The Western Trip

Today, instead of a post about what's been up, I shall share a tale from the fabled Western trip.

* * *
After a long day of marching and learning, ending in an awesome halftime performance put on by all the high school bands who attended, our High School's band bailed from the game early and headed back to the hotel. We got to relax for about an hour, and then we were given the option to walk to a nearby fast-food place and get a bite to eat. I choose to go for the fast-food, figuring walking through downtown Kalamazoo - a college campus, basically - at 10 P.M. would be interesting. I was definitely right!
We walked about a mile and a half to get to a Burger King we had seen on the drive there, only to discover it was closed. The drive-thru looked like it was still open, and people we walking up to the windows and banging on them. Our band director was standing around and discussing what to do, and my friends and I were standing around talking. While talking bass guitars with my friend Nick, our little group noticed two dudes walking down the sidewalk towards us.
The reason they were noticeable was their outfits; they were both wearing full fur-suited costumes, one being a mouse and the other a lion. They came by, and we stopped them to chat. Apparently, they were headed to a party or something. We got a few cell phone pics with them, and then they headed off to whatever costumed mischief they had planned.
After deciding to walk back in the direction of the hotel and past it to find another place to eat, our group decided to just stay in the hotel. On the way back, my hair was complimented by a very stereotypical bum we passed. I agreed with him that my hair is, in fact, awesome and went on my way.
The strange off-ness about those specific incidents, especially the costumed dudes having a chat with high schoolers wandering through the city, was characteristic of the entire weekend. Everything was just a bit weird in a good way, with mascots and complimentary bums around every corner.

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bart said...

when I was at western . I saw a domamatrix and a dude in a blue dress with a viking hat walking down the median of the expressway. I had just picked up my boss at the time at the airport. my boss asked me what i though of that. I said "I never get invited to the good parties."