Thursday, September 24, 2009

First Game

So, guess what last Friday was? Our first performance for marching band! It was pretty fun, all in all.

We got out of school at 2:16, and had a rehearsal at 4. After the rehearsal, we had time to go and get a bite to eat, then head on over to the school to get into uniform. I decided to spend all the time we had in between things wandering around uptown with my friends, because the whole town is less than two square miles in size, and it was much more convenient than driving 18 miles home and back again. Isn't living in a small town fun?

All we really did in between the letting out of school and the rehearsal was head to places, such as a friends house to get black socks for the uniform and to the Marathon station to get something to drink. It was surprising just how little time we had, until you thought about the fact walking to the school campus took 5-10 minutes.

Rehearsal was a bit upsetting, because of a disagreement between I and a friend that I'd rather not get into. Fortunately, everything resolved itself, and everyone walked away a bit happier.

On the plus side, we did pretty good at rehearsal. We were trying out a new method of marching off the field we had only learned on Monday, and it worked like a charm. None of the trumpets played, because we had to save our chops for when it mattered, but I was pretty confident. I'm the youngest (read: least experienced) trumpet player, and I'm pretty good. If I could do it, everyone else could for sure.

After rehearsal we walked to McDonalds, got a quick snack, blah blah blah. We had to eat on our way back to the school, because we had to start getting dressed soon. The report time was 6, and the teacher advised we saved half an hour to get ready. All we really had to do was pull on our uniforms over our clothes, because they're made of thin material and it was going to be cold. I think the uniforms look kind of cool, actually, in a weird way. The only part I dislike are the hats.

We have to wear the bucket-style hats with plumes, and the rule is there can't be any hair showing. I have hair past my shoulders. The reason I grew it out (one of them, anyway) is the fact that I look like a freak without it. This was no exception. There was actually a row of chairs lined up with long-haired guys sitting in them, all grumbling about the fact we had to put it up as one of the girls helped us put it into a pony tail. The completed product was me with virtually no hair. No one recognized me, a few people said I looked like a girl. I took it down after Half Time, and was quite relieved. Strange, that in order for me to look like a guy I had to have my hair down instead of up and short.

Even though it was absolutely freezing cold, it was pretty fun. I'm seriously looking forward to our next game, which is Homecoming. Can't wait!

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