Monday, September 7, 2009


Hey! How have all of your Labor Day weekends' been? I spent mine camping. We (me, my mom, Joe, and two other family friends) do every year, and it's always pretty fun.

We stayed at a state camp ground we hadn't been to before. It was right on Lake Huron, and the beach was only a five-minute walk. We spent most of Saturday on the beach, tanning and swimming. On Sunday, we went to an art fair in Port Austin, and played putt-putt golf (I lost).

When we were in Port Austin, we stopped at a cool little tourist store we visit every time we come up. They have tons of puzzles and stuff for sale, and I was goofing around with a Rubik's Cube that had numbers instead of colors. My mom and Joe were off somewhere else, and they called me over. Instead of putting down the cube, I carried it over to where they were.

They were standing by a little table that had a 9 square puzzle on it, and a sign that stated "finish in 5 minutes or less and keep the puzzle!". I don't mean to brag, but I am awesome at those things. My grandparents got a few for me a couple of years ago, and I solved them in about 10 minutes apiece. I handed the cube to my mom, and set to work.

I solved the puzzle in two minutes. The guy who was behind the counter gave me my free puzzle, congratulated me, blah blah blah. We left the store right after, to go to the grocery store next door and get some food for dinner. As Joe was off looking for something else, my mom was busy saying, "That was really cool, how you solved it that fast!". I responded with, "Did you steal that Rubik's Cube??". Apparently, she accidentally walked out with it. I called Joe over, and the look on his face was priceless. My mom was incredibly embarrassed, and had Joe return it to the guy.

There were many bloggable moments this weekend, but that one totally takes the cake.


Anonymous said...

I believe that would be a sudoku cube.

Eve Noir said...

hmm...sorry...non-post related. idk why but your posts aren't coming up in my reader. i haven't been neglecting you (honestly!)...i signed in again thru blogger. hm...(pondering what is wrong)