Wednesday, June 8, 2011


GUESS WHAT? I got my Level 2 license today!! For those who don't have to deal with Michigan's graduated license system, that means I'm now able to drive alone!! Of course, there's a catch: only one other minor in the car with me, and no driving past 10 (there are exceptions to both if it's for school or work).

Passing my road test was, to be honest, ridiculously easy. I showed up 20 minutes late, partly because of an accident at an intersection right outside of the testing place. Because of the delay, my actual drive was only about 20 minutes. It was a little freaky, though - the roads I was on were WAY more congested than what they normally test people on, but I had no choice because of the accident (a tipped semi, no injuries).

In celebration of getting my license today, we ordered a pizza. A pizza, my friends, that I picked up myself. Alone. In my car. Blasting The Pixies. Know why? Cause I have my license!!

...And that's about it for this post. I still have an entire week of school left, PLUS tomorrow and Friday. My teachers are still introducing new lessons...bogus! Anyway, have fun not being in school!!


Bookish.Spazz said...

Mannn, my sympathies.

School towards the end is completely bogus.

But congrats on getting your license!

Ash said...

Nice goin' getting your license. It's a damn good feeling being able to drive yourself anywhere, anytime.

-Sam. said...

Licence? Yes.
Pizza? Yes.
Pixies? Yes.

And dude, for some reason you're blog wasn't showing up on my feed... I thought you died... anyways. I re-followed you.