Monday, June 27, 2011

Busy Makin' Stuff

Hey everyone!! I've had an unproductive weekend, but all weekdays so far have been the opposite.

On Friday I went to see X-Men: First Class, which was EXCELLENT. I don't know what it is, but there's something about modern movies taking place during the 60's that I love. Definitely my favourite X-men movie yet...And I'd know, considering the next day I watched 1 and 2!!

Also on Friday, I went shopping for, wait for it, circuitry supplies. I got a book at the library called Homemade Electronic Music, which is all about how to electronically alter household objects to make music. It also has some stuff about building equipment like mikes, and making distortion-type things for guitars, which I'm extra excited about. ANYWAY, in order to make the stuff, I had to get supplies. Namely, a soldering iron and solder, as well as assorted wires and cables and resistors and capacitors and blah blah blah.

To get my soldering iron, I went to Harbor Freight. For the first time ever. That place is insanely amazing!! I got one for 4 dollars. At RadioShack, they were 20 bucks for the cheapest one. Is that crazy or what? I kept going through the store, saying "it's only TWO DOLLARS!! Might as well get one..."

So far, I haven't got much built. I tried to make a contact microphone, for recording acoustic guitars and stuff. It wasn't successful, but only because of the fact I bought cheap parts. I did everything else right, and it's actually pretty legit looking. Hopefully, I'll have some more related projects to tell you about in the near future!!

As for today's productivity, first I went to work. Actually, that's how pretty much every day starts off, but it sets the scene decently. Anyway, for the last hour or so I was there, I printed up an image of Crush Of Society's logo. Specifically, the words on it. I took the piece of paper, and cut out each of the letters so I had a stencil. Then, I headed home with a plan in mind. A plan to build...A Crush Of Society screen printing template!!! You know, for T-shirts and stuff.

I found a big 1x3 board, and cut it into four equal pieces. I made a square out of them, and then found some window screen. I drove back to my grandparents' house, to use their staple gun to affix the screen to the frame. I did, with the help of my grandpa. Seriously, without him I wouldn't have thought to hammer in the loose staples, and I wouldn't have stretched the screen enough. After that I headed back home, and taped the stencil I made to the screen. I colored it in with Sharpie, so the logo would appear on the screen. Finally, I found some duct tape, and taped all the parts of the screen I wouldn't want ink to go through.

Now, I have one (1) completed shirt. It's actually not dry, but it's already EXCELLENT looking!! In my opinion, anyway.

I did all this because someone asked for a shirt on our Facebook page, and I suddenly remembered my plans to make some. And since it's summer, I just went ahead and did it!! I'm quite excited about having these, because we'll be able to sell them at our (currently unbooked) shows!

Anyone want one? Seriously, if you'll pay for the shirt and shipping, I'll totally make one for you. Custom!!!

Anywhoo...I'm gonna go check on the shirt. Stay excellent!!


Gabs said...

I waaaant ooone but I Will Not pay for shipping. You can give it to me yourself.

Bookish.Spazz said...

Sadly, I think the shipping costs from Michigan to Texas are to exorbitant for my tiny wallet :(

BUT--- As someone who makes custom t-shirts as well, your awesome points have just skyrocketed.

And it's so cool that you're making your own equipment!

RainboRevolver said...

Dude I freaking want one.Shipping, schmipping. How much?

Ash said...

I've been given a crash-course in soldering at one of the schools I'm working at, and my boss-dude over there sends me out to solder some audio connections haha.

Which is cool, I like getting away from computers for a bit. Plus soldering is mad fun (even though I'm patchy at it), plus I love ripping open the wall casing and pulling out the wires, even when mostly I don't need to haha. Good times.

Tanner "Four String Finger Sting" Simmons said...

This is some pretty legit stuff you've been tinkering with, from what I can gather, Drew! You'll have to tell me more about while we're...HANGING OUT! *gasp* I'd also like to snag one of those awesome t-shirts of yours! They look mighty righteous! MIGHTEOUS!

That Blond Guy said...

Wow, all of this is amazing. You sound seriously professional. What with the t-shirts and everything. Throw in a Crush of Society website and a serious drug problem, and you're ready to be on the cover of Rolling Stones.

You need to post more of your music!!! (Shakes bony finger at you.) Naughty naughty.

Margie. said...

So I have a new blog, you should check it out and possibly follow?
Thanks! :)

Shahan said...

I'm hoping X-men will be good, since I've been unfortunate with the last few films I saw.

Your shirt does look excellent for your first one.

Enjoyed reading some of your posts, and I love the design, followed.

Curl Jung said...

X-man was good. Not excellent. and the shirt seems cool.
I just dropped by your blog and I am following you know. !
Have a great week ahead,

Leah Northrop said...

Awesome Drew, I decided to read your blog and was exited to find that Can't wait til I get mine..*hint hint. Anyway. See yah when school starts! It's been forever.