Friday, June 3, 2011

A Weezer-Themed Post

Hey there, everyone. I know that I told you I'd have some of the demos up, but unfortunately I still don't. However, as compensation, here is the video of me playing "Put Me Back Together," like I said I would make after the collage concert!

The reason I haven't posted the demos is, well, because I didn't like them. They were really hard for me to listen to, and the first time I did I had to skip over a few tracks. They had many problems, with blame spread out evenly. The instruments, vocals especially, were not played well. That's the band's fault, and I'm willing to accept that. Also, they didn't blend very well in the mixes; the vocals sat on top of all the other instruments, and guitars were too quiet. I understand that with some musicians, vocals should be higher up in the mix. However, our songs are mostly written with vocals as just some words to go with the music. We're not focused on highlighting our voices, because they're not good enough to do that with.

We're just going to focus on getting ready for the show in two weeks, and stop worrying about making something to sell. I know we play well live, because I've seen video proof. Therefore, we're just gonna have to please them in person.

On Wednesday, I had a persuasive essay assigned to me, on the topic of my choosing. Of course, being the music nerd I am, I decided my thesis would be "Pinkerton is an extremely important album, both sonically and culturally." Yes, I wrote a three-page report on an obscure emo album from the Nineties. What of it? Here it is, in case you'd like to read it! I have to deliver a speech on it Tuesday. Am I concerned? Not at all!!

So, that's about all that has been going on. Ohh, by the way, stop by and check out Lemons Don't Make Lemonade!!! It's an excellent blog, and whenever I see a new post from Jessica come up in my reader, I know I can look forward to laughs for the next few minutes! Her posts are terribly inappropriate, yet very intelligent at the same time. She's nearing 100 followers, so I had to help her out with a name drop.

Okay, then...I really hope you all like the video!! It took all of 45 minutes to make, you know...tons of effort!!! *sarcasm* Anyway, I have to go do musician stuff now, so stay wonderful until next time.


Jillian said...

Oh, Weezer is a good band!
Great guitar playing, try a little louder on the vocals, maybe?

I tend to do that, I can't like something I record.

Bookish.Spazz said...

Nice cover!

You can never go wrong with a Weezer song :)

And I'm digging your northern accent. Haha, so refreshing when all I hear is "hey, ya'll" ALL DAY LONG.

Tanner "Four String Finger Sting" Simmons said...

Drew, you are such a ladies man. You can please the ladies with your fingers AND your mouth...I meant with music, of course. You gutter-brained teen, you!

Honestly though, awesome job on the video. You have such a good voice, and I didn't see you look down at your guitar once! That's terribly hard to do! Nice choice of song, to boot. I really wish I could have been at the collage concert to see you play live. I have no doubts that you did an incredible job though. Buddy, we definitely need to get together soon and play. I miss ya! Anyhoo, awesome job, once again, and good luck with the show! I'll definitely try and be there :)

Gabs said...

Ohmigod! Tanner! That's weird... Though I suppose that makes me a gutter-brained teen...

Sorrys love... Tanner made me forget what I was gonna say...