Monday, November 1, 2010

Corn Fight! seems I'm another weekend short of my posting schedule. Oh, well, lets look at the next chronological week according to my posting (the one before Halloween weekend).

The Friday of that weekend, I went to a Halloween party. I probably mentioned having gone to the same party last year, thrown by my then-girlfriend Courtney. This year I went without a date, as Gabby was unable to go. I must say, the party was just as fun this year as it was last year. As soon as I showed up, my annoying locker partner Jon and I started jumping on the trampoline in 50 degree weather, which quickly caused others to get on as well. It ended up being myself, Jon, and my friends Kyle and Halie. I'm pretty sure we maxed out the weight limit, which was kind of freaky considering it was pretty old and there were holes in the fabric. I almost fell off at one point, and put my leg up to the knee into a gap in the springs. I ripped a big hole in my jeans and bruised my shin, but that was it.

When it got dark, everyone piled onto the hay wagon Courtney's parents set up and headed to a local corn maze. I originally set out with a group of people to try and find all the stations in the maze, but soon Kyle suggested something way more awesome. "You guys wanna have a corn fight?"

Kyle, Jon, and I started throwing corn across the field at another group of guys we knew would be willing to fight, and soon it was in full swing. Towards the start of the fight I had to, ahem, use the bathroom, and shouted to Jon and Kyle, "Cover me, I gotta pee!" This was, in retrospect, a bad idea. I tried to move out of range of the corn, but pretty soon there were ears flying by me on all sides. To make matters worse, Jon and Kyle ran by me screaming, "Run away! Run away!!" in their best Monty Python voices. Apparently, the other team had began throwing entire stalks, which I discovered myself after one nearly hit me. I finished my business and ran out of the corn, trying to catch up with Jon and Kyle while the others were moving in closer.

Pretty soon, the shells started to fall. Jon disappeared, and Kyle and I were being hunted two to one. We could see the others by the masks they were wearing, which glowed brightly in the full moon. I kept refusing to retreat, despite Kyle's protests, and despite the fact I was getting hit in the arms and chest. Well, while trying to get someone a few rows over, Jon's brother Will flanked Kyle and I and started running at us, chucking corn the whole way. Kyle ran, and I tried to keep him back by returning fire. When I turned to launch an ear, "BAM!" I was hit right in the face.

Now, believe me when I say harvest corn is as hard as a rock. I was hit in the lip, and started spitting out blood as well as what looked like teeth. I ran after Kyle, trying to avoid getting hit more. When we got out of danger's way, I had him check my face with a flashlight. The entire right side of my chin and lower lip was gashed up pretty bad, but I hadn't lost teeth. It turns out pieces of corn are the same exact shape and texture as teeth. It was pretty funny when Will came up and said, "Holy S**t, are those teeth?" He got hit in the face too, with a black eye to prove it, so I wasn't too worried about revenge.

My lip is still healing, and my chin was pretty nasty looking for a few days after the party. When I got in the car after the party, my mom took one look at me and said, "What did you do?" when I told her, she just shook her head and said, "Guys are idiots."

The next day, I went to a haunted house with Joe. It was quite a bit of fun, although I doubt you want a blow-to-blow description, as this is already a super-long post. Honestly, if you make it this far, I'm super impressed. Drop a comment and I'll give you an award.

As for Halloween Weekend, well, it looks like that's going to be another post on another day. Soon, considering I need to catch up. Sooo, until next time...


That Blond Guy said...

Sounds like a reasonably awesome time--except, of course, the part about busting the lower half of your face. Ouch.

Feeling a little creeped out, though. I was (for whatever reason) jumping on a trampoline at a Halloween party that same day with a guy named Jon. "Jon" without an "H." Eerie.

"Christopher Kennedy. He's balancing his time between jumping on a trampoline and blogging in the late hours of the night. He has one foot on the trampoline and the other the Twilight Zone."

That Blond Guy said...

Just saw your "Favorite Bands" for the first time. You're the only one I know who likes The Smiths besides Summer and Tom and the only ones I know who likes AC/DC besides Ned Vizzini. I LOVE those bands!