Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Murder In The Air

Hello there! I imagine you're all very excited to hear about the play last weekend. Well, let me fill you in!

Thursday was our dress rehearsal, which was kind of alarming to be at. It became apparent we weren't 100% ready for the premier on Friday, especially in the sound/lights department. For example, we didn't test our sounds at all. I finally learned how to do the lights properly, and then discovered I did literally nothing for the entire show. The skits before the main play, however, required very dedicated lighting, because they featured so many different sets and parts of the stage.
On Thursday I also discovered something totally awesome, and terrifying. The director, whom I will refer to as coach because I can't spell her name, has had a problem with one of the actors for quite a while. He never comes to practice, which means I've had to run his lines a few times to fill in. Well, on Wednesday before practice, our assistant director Cortny was telling me about how he had been threatening to quit the play if coach yelled at him one more time. I said, "Hey, if he does quit, tell coach I know all his lines." That night he was two hours late to a 2 1/2 hour practice. Coach decided to kick him out, and told me to start practicing the lines.
Bear in mind, this happened THE DAY BEFORE the premier. She decided he could do his part opening night, but on Saturday I'd be doing it. I got my picture all hung up in the hall alongside the rest of the cast, and started practicing like crazy. On Saturday, I was freaking out. I barely knew the blocking for the part (read: where to stand on stage), and I had crazy nerves. I was also supposed to do a German accent for the character, one of the only accents I can't do. I decided to try a very snooty, affected English accent at the last minute, and delivered my first line (introducing my character) perfectly. After such a good start I figured I had it down, I mean it was starting to make - Wait, what? Was that my line I just missed? Why is everyone staring at me? Yeah, I forgot my next line. I delivered it about ten seconds late, without standing up or using the accent. From that point on, I was a bit too quiet, and I completely lost the accent. Still, all in all, I didn't horribly ruin the play. I suppose that's not too bad after only two days of practice with zero stage time.

Going out of chronological order, the first night went well. I barely screwed the lights up at all, and the actors did a great job. The best part of the night, however, was going to Denny's afterward. It's a tradition in our club, a tradition I missed out on last year due to illness. I ordered the infamous Cheese Melt Sandwich, along with pancake puppies and ice cream. To wash it all down, I had about three of these drinks that were an incredibly delicious mix of Sprite and pineapple-orange juice. Needless to say, by the time we left I was sick as a dog. As my friend Tanner described it, I felt "juicy". To put it as another friend worded it, we were all fruited out.

All in all, I'm really glad I chose to rejoin drama club this year. It was way more fun than the year before, and I got to hang out with some awesome people I wouldn't have otherwise met. In addition, I got to write an epic blog post! You're all welcome.

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Gabs said...

um, drew, I was teh on etelling you abut the whole situation with heir erhart von erheart... not cortny... just sayng.