Monday, February 15, 2010

2 Years!

Guess what, everyone? Today is Boyd's World's 2-year anniversary! I knew it was soon, and when I went back in the archives to check I was delightfully surprised by coincidence. I had hoped to have my 200th post tie-in with this, but unfortunately that's still ten away.

Just as a few general updates go, it's midwinter break. We've done pretty much nothing exciting, but sometimes just being lazy is great. The heat was turned on a few hours after my whiny post last Wednesday, in case you were wondering. The people from the propane company were "waiting for us to call them back", which made no sense. It was freezing, why couldn't they take initiative?

On Thursday, my Language Arts teacher called me up to her desk during silent reading (how much do you love having that every day in advanced classes?). I had recently written an essay that was apparently good enough to get 100%, a grade rarely given. Because of this, she suggested I look into a few writing contests. Actually, the one she mentioned in particular is the Ayn Rand Institute's essay contest. I was very flattered that she thought I write good enough to be eligible to participate, because I've wanted to participate in it since I first found out about it.

The 8th-10th grade contest is based on questions from the book Anthem, while the 11th-12th questions are on The Fountainhead. I've already read Anthem, because a friend recommended it. Oh, and did I mention there are cash prizes? The Anthem essay has a $2,000 first-place award, and The Fountainhead has a $10,000 prize. I'm totally going to enter, because I could definitely use that.

Other than that, not much has been going on. Last week I started the mandatory half-year of P.E. that is required. It's not too horrible. I don't mind being forced into working out for 45 minutes every day, although I hate having to do sports. I'm not inclined to be good at sports, especially basket ball. Guess what we play every single time we have free-time? I'm sure you can.

I hope everyone else is having interesting times. As for me, well, Internet articles about nothing can be pretty interesting.

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Eve Noir said...

Congrats BOYD! OMG, has it been two years for you??? Wow, time flies! I celebrated my one year in December...jeez...and I still love my blog. Here's to more blogging!!! To infinity & beyond. ;)