Monday, April 25, 2011

A Few Super-Duper Blogs I Know

Blogs I like...let's get to the linkage!!
  • First and foremost, I absolutely HAVE to link to The Nerd Archives. Actually, I think I did already recently, but it totally deserves a re-linking. That Blond Guy's blog is freaking hilarious!! It starts out with normal stories, and then adds on the insanity until you start to question what normality is...Also, he's to thank for most of my current followers, so double brownie points!!
  • Next up is The Blog Of A "Generic Dude". It's author, Tanner "Four String Finger Sting" Simmons, is a good friend of mine in real life. He was the one to play the awesome cover of "We Are Going To Be Friends" at the talent show, and I have a video of him playing bass and singing at a party here. His blog is a (slightly, amusingly hyperbolic) account of his going-ons - somewhat like mine!
  • Here's Consumable Sarcasm, a very cynically sarcastic blog. Ross reflects the horrible, hilarious thoughts everyone seems to have, and it's nice to see one isn't alone in their wickedness. Not to mention, he featured yours truly as a guest blogger once!!
  • Bookish.Spazz, who is a truly nice person. She even does volunteer work!! I wouldn't describe her as a photo blogger, but she does post lots of (very nice) pictures that help convey all of her stories. It's always nice to read the blogs of intelligent students who are dealing with the many adventures school tends to provide.
  • Finally, the blog that motivated me to do this, I Don't Skinny Dip...I Chunky Dunk. Eeshie recently tagged me in a thingy, and I was quite flattered. I realized that I should try to do the same for others!! Her blog is very smartly written, and quite humorous. It's cool to read about the adventures of a NYC native, considering the complete lack of non-farmers where I live.
Well, there you have it...This isn't an all-inclusive list by any means, because I love so many blogs you'd get sick and tired of reading the list. However, these blogs and bloggers have been particularly influential in my blogging life...quite often, they're the reason I post. If you're looking for new blog-roll material, these are the places to check out!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Talent Show - Ohh Yeah!

Hey gang, what's happening? [pauses to listen] Sounds like it's been a blast! Unless it hasn't. In which case, I'm very sorry to hear about [insert event].

I was in my school's talent show on Thursday! As the astute readers may know, Stephen and I have been preparing to do a cover of "The Remedy" since November. We got a talented drummer, Jayme, to round us off, and rocked the house.

Right before we went on, we had a bunch of terrifying technical difficulties. When I set up my bass amp, plugged in, and turned it on, no sound came out. Stephen and I spent waaaaay too long trying to fix it, while the audience was waiting right outside the curtain. The teacher who organized it sent charismatic people out in front to keep everyone entertained, while she kept shouting at us "We're losing them!!!" We weren't, really, because they were getting louder and louder, excited. Jayme got sick of waiting, and started drumming loudly. when she did, the audience FREAKED! It was really awesome, actually.

Just as I was about to give up and cry, I adjusted a bolt thingy on my guitar and everything started working. It was turned up super-loud, and as a soundcheck I started playing "Blister In the Sun." I fixed my volume, and the curtains opened up. It was super-intense to be up there, with a full house of around 300-400 people. I was just trying to provide a strong foundation to the song by playing loud, which I thought I did. My amp wasn't as loud as it sounded on stage though, obviously, so a bit of the punchiness was lost. Still, I think I looked awesome up there, grooving and whatnot.

After we left, fellow blogger Tanner went up and played "We Are Going To Be Friends." It...was...AMAZING! He also had amp problems, but instead of panicking, he just moved up closer to the audience and played his acoustic unplugged. Also, because we were still tearing down our setup, he played in front of the closed curtains. The end result was a very emotional, beautiful cover of a song that's great to begin with. He took third, but I'm of the opinion he absolutely deserved first. After the show, Steve, Jayme, Tanner, and I all went to get ice cream at McDonald's and celebrate. Our performance didn't place, but it was so much fun that it didn't matter at all.

In other news, I got an incredibly awesome bag! It's olive drab canvas, and about notebook sized. Yes, it's a man-purse. So convenient! Plus, I feel more sophisticated by carrying it, so there's that.

One final order of business: I'd like to link to all the outstanding blogs I love, so expect that in an upcoming post. If you've linked me recently, fear not, I'm not going to be rude and refuse to return the favor. What kind of horrible person would that make me?

Well,'s looking like we've reached the end of this post. Remember: stay in school!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quizbowl: State Edition

Ohhh yeah!!!! Quizbowl's state tournament was the past two days!! Two days, in the college town of East Lansing, with tons of time to shop on Grand River Ave. Plus, a last hurrah for my favourite school activity.

We left Friday morning around 7, a little while before school starts. There was a coaches' meeting at 10, so we made it there just in time. Our first match wasn't til 12:30, so the entire team left campus and went to some shops. Actually, at that time of the morning, most shops weren't open, so we all hung out in a student book store. After some time passed, we headed over to a Barnes & Noble, where we rode the escalators for a few hours. It was our small-town version of an amusement park, actually.

Our first match was crazy-easy, with us totally dominating. The first 10 minutes or so I was nervous, with my heart pounding and whatnot, but I relaxed after I saw how easy everything was. We didn't play again until 3:30, so we headed back in. This time, we spent our entire break in Urban Outfitters, reading all of their various coffee table books. I was getting worried they'd kick us out, actually, because it was pretty obvious we weren't getting anything. Hey, if they had affordable prices...I made the team sneak out the back door, just to avoid a confrontation...I'd hate to have to have a rumble in Urban Outfitters.

Our second match was in a tiny, airless room, and it was a bit more intense. We won again, but it wasn't by the huge point margin from before. We played again fairly soon, so the team just sat in the student union hallways and goofed around. I brought my Gameboy Color, so I sat and played Pokemon Silver. Yeah, I was pretty much a total geek, with my old-school gaming's actually the only console I still have.

We lost the third match, by a very small margin. It took place in the same room we lost in last year, and had a terrible reader. He made little comments between questions, and wasted a lot of time. regardless, we still lost fair and square. The tournament was double elimination, with one loss per day, so we were done. We stopped by our hotel, and then headed to a great restaurant nearby for dinner.

When we got back, everyone sat around for a while watching TV, then headed down to the pool. We all spent a lot of time in the hot tub, talking to people from other teams. There were actually some guys we knew, from a school in our Jr. High team's league. I'd also gone to summer camp with one of them, so it was cool catching up. When the pool closed, everyone watched Adult Swim until we fell asleep where we were (which got us in big trouble, but never mind that.)

We didn't play the next day until 1:30, so we went back to Grand River Ave. It was Record Store Day, and we figured it'd be cool to check out all the great deals. Wrong. I'm the only person in the group who listens to vinyl, and even I wasn't interested in records this time. Every store was PACKED, with lines full of hipsters everywhere. We left the first shop we went to, FBC, and checked out a cool little thrift store for a while. They had really nice clothes, including a leather jacket I loved, but I saved my money for another time. We headed back to FBC, and it was much less packed. I got a bunch of bargain used CDs, and a promo from Sub Pop. I also got my fill of amusing hipsters, standing around and competing over their respective knowledge of underground bands.

We headed back to the tournament...and played again in the same bad room, with the same bad reader. And lost. It was another close match, too, which was kind of a bummer. We took 7th overall, which was an improvement over last year. Still, the whole trip was awesome, and I had a great time. Now, all I have to do is coach JH schedule is almost free!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Guess What? Still Spring Break...

Day...five? of spring break. So far, I spent the first weekend ill. Now my mom's sick, with the same illness. I blame Gabby's mom's sister...that's as far back as I can trace it.

On Monday, Gabby and I went to the mall to find a shirt for me to wear to prom. It was kind of tough, because her dress is purple, and they don't sell many purple shirts. Furthermore, they don't make many shirts for Iggy Pop-sized people. Weird thing is, I always feel tall at my family reunions...

Eventually we found one, and it looks pretty freaking good. It'll look awesome, when I put it with my sparkley polka-dotted tie. last order of business: I feel the need to link to a pretty awesome blog I follow, The Nerd Archives. Actually, saying That Blond Guy's blog is "pretty awesome" is quite the understatement; I will regularly laugh until I cry after reading his posts. Nope, no real reason for my linking to his blog. It's not like he said he'd link to mine if I did...

Well, I must be off. I have a largish science project due as soon as I get back to school, so I really need to get crackin'.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Break

Ughhh...I'm on the tail end of what is either a horrible allergy spell, or a cold. I'm more inclined to think it's a cold, but I hate to say so because that would mean I'm not invincible to viruses after all. Stupid immune system, man up!

In other news, it's Spring Break!!! What am I doing for it? Nothing much, just a bunch of music-related endeavors. I'm glad to be having a low-key break, because I've been getting kinda burnt-out at school. Not horribly, just enough that I needed a break.

Also, I'm glad not to be going on the huge community vacation my town seems to have planned. Seriously, about 50 people are all going to the same resort in Florida; they all have matching T-shirts about it and everything. What's the point of that? It's somewhat cult-like and sad. Actually, my principal, his wife the chemistry teacher, my superintendent, and his wife the French teacher all took Friday off because of it. 4th hour chemistry literally had no was like Lord Of The Flies in there.

Is anyone else on Spring Break? Doing anything cool? Going on a cult-trip to Florida?