Sunday, January 30, 2011

Small Update

Hey there, everyone. How's it been? I've been keeping up with all your lives, reading your blogs - just not updating my own. Well, I currently have a bunch of videos being uploaded to JayCut (an online video editing site) and a huge chunk of free time. Blog post? I think so!

First things first, here's the press release sent out about my trip to the State Of The State. I'm not totally happy with it - excerpts like, "Runner-up, Yale High School sophomore Drew Morgan watched from the House balcony" don't really sound very glowing. More like, "We had to keep him there to make his school happy - normally, we don't let long-hairs in the capitol building at all!"

The videos I mentioned uploading, by the way, are all videos Bobby and I have made of us playing various Crush Of Society songs. Hopefully, I'll have them on YouTube by tonight. While you wait with bated breath for them to be posted, you can re-watch our old videos here.

Last week was exam week...meaning 3 half days! Exams don't really stress me...they're just a little break from learning, really.

Hmm...this blog post started out with so much potential...I apologize for the disappointment it has become. I'll leave it as is, to avoid furthering its horridness.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Observations Of Politics

So, last night was the State of the State. I took the day off school, and got to Lansing around 1 so I could do a bit of shopping before it. The governor's address itself was interesting, but everything else involved wasn't. I had to get to the floor (actually, the balcony) at 5:30, but he didn't actually start speaking until 7. I was advised to bring my phone with me and text, but no one would text me because they knew where I was and didn't want to interrupt.

I also had to deal with way too many politicians, all of whom were incredibly fake and smarmy. They all assumed I entered the essay contest because I'm interested in a career in politics, which just isn't true. Now I want that career even less, because of the horrible examples I saw yesterday.

Anyway, I took notes before and during the speech, mostly for the sake of this blog. Here they are, with my day-after comments underneath. And, photos!

This is me with the Senator who took me, leaning casually on the President Pro Tempore's desk
  • "Woah, there's a dude with a hook-hand sitting up front down there!"
[When I re-read this, it seemed a little mean sounding. It's not intended that way, but in a "that's awesome!" way. I actually read about a politician in similar circumstances who ran with the slogan "Hooked on So-and-so!"]
  • "I have the song "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails stuck in my head...not a good song to be humming while on the House floor..."
[I got the CD that song is on at a record shop earlier in the day, and was listening to it on the way there. I doubt anyone there would recognize it, unless they had to listen to it while trying to get it censored.]

The other contest winner, as well as our respective parents
  • "State government's version of the secret service is way different from federal; for one thing, they're all wearing red jackets. Some are bright read, while others are a more subdued shade of burgundy...I'm guessing the shade has to do with authority?"
[All the security dudes looked like bellhops, other than the things in their ears...]
  • "Apparently, the House is divided with Republicans on one side and Democrats on the other. I hadn't intended to sit on the Democratic side, but I'm kind of glad I did..."
[It was kind of funny, actually, considering the Senator who took me is a Republican.]

OK, that's pretty much it for notes and observations. There will probably be an article in the local paper about my trip, so when that is published I'll link to it. That way you can get all my opinions on the Governor's actual talking points, without me having to write them out!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Brand-New Suit

Guess who's going to the Michigan State of the State address on Wednesday? This guy! I got the call from my Rep's secretary today after school. I was actually runner-up, but the top two contestants both get to go. Here's the essay, by the way.

Naturally, upon hearing I'd be going to a fancy political thing, I headed out immediately to town with intentions to buy a suit. And boy oh boy, did I. I'm not going to lie...I look pretty snazzy.

Kind of a freaky picture, but you get the idea...I'll have better ones after the actual event.

I apologize for my lack of posts...yesterday, I was busy being a rock star and having a band practice, which was, of course, productive. If you go to Youtube and search "Crush Of Society," our videos come right up to the top. Currently there are only a few from my recent-ish party, but soon there will be two more. And they are awesome. Consider yourself warned. Also, we have a Facebook page, which can be found by searching our name. That has a couple demos, and some sweet fan art posted by our good friend Tanner, who is an amazing artist.

The day before that (Saturday, for those who are as bad with dates as me), Gabby came over and we hung out. We picked her up from the community college library she was studying at early that morning, and took her shopping with us. It was fun, and I really love the fact that we could just go shopping and seem normal and stuff. After that, we watched Sweeney Todd and made pasta (which was delicious). It was a fun way to spend a Saturday, all in all.

Well, I have to go to bed and hope it doesn't snow bad enough for school to be cancelled. Normally I'd consider that insanity, but because I'll be missing at least part of 2 days because of the Lansing thing, I'd like to be able to get all my assignments and not drown in homework when I come back...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Essays Everywhere

My dearest Internet friends, I've missed you all terribly. It's just that I've been writing various essays for the past few weeks, one after another. The most problematic is one I'm doing for my local state representative; the prompt is How To Reinvent Michigan, and the prize for the two best authors is a trip to Lansing, MI and a seat at the State of the State address. The prompt has been proving terribly hard to write about, because the rep is a Republican, and my solutions are of a more Democratic persuasion. However, I'm in it to win it, and I'm not above shaping an essay of my opinions to fit the judge's opinion. So basically, that's what the delay in posts has been.

On a completely unrelated note, I got a new bass guitar last weekend! I've been looking at it for about 5 months now, after seeing it in an antique shop over the summer. It's a hollow body Kent, and it needs some work. I'll be posting pics once it's all nice and purty looking, but it currently only has three strings and a wickedly bent neck.

Sadly, that's all I can really post about at the moment. I'm still finishing my essay to the Representative, so that has to go be done. Until next time...bye!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Well, You Look Familiar...

For the past two years, I've been getting bass guitar lessons. I go to a local music shop every other week for them, and I'm taught by the same guy every time. For the past two years...I've had no clue what my instructor's name is.

You may ask, "How can you carry on conversation not knowing someone's name?". Actually, it's shockingly easy. He told me the first lesson, but I was so nervous it completely slipped my mind. Since then, it has been too awkward to ask. As time has passed, that's increased.

I didn't even realize I didn't know it until about a month in, when my mom asked me his name. After my failure to remember, I began planning schemes to try and figure it out. Ask him the spelling? Too risky; what if it's really simple, like Bill? There's no way to misspell that. Of course, I could just ask the shop owner, but that would be like admitting defeat.

At one point, while scheduling a lesson, I was almost caught. The owner asked, "Who's your instructor again?" As I fumbled for an answer, he remembered and continued signing me up, but he didn't actually say it.

My lucky break came very recently, while the owner was on vacation. I was going up to the counter to pay after the lesson, and the temporary guy asked me if Kenny had given me a bunch of homework. Yes!! I didn't even know what he was talking about, but I caught on quick enough.

Of course, there was still the concern that I'd heard him wrong or he had the wrong guy. I ignored those worries, and made sure to drop his name often in conversation with the owner. I even discovered his last name, whilst getting his address to send him a Christmas card. What is it, you ask? Don't know, I already forgot.

Situations like these are way too common for me. Could that possibly be the reason I hate socializing? Too many names...