Thursday, November 3, 2011

School Bloggin'

Hey, everyone!  I'm lucky, because with all of my 3rd hour off, I'm able to blog during school.  Also, I can write my music reviews during this time!  I've posted a new one, an album review of Tom Waits' new album Bad As Me.  It's my first album review, so it was a bit different to write than the concert ones.  I actually preferred it, I think.  It's more poetic to write about listening to music, and the impressions I get.  I sat in the school's library and listened to it for two days straight, taking down notes and researching lyrics and who played what on which songs.  It was surprisingly intense, but it worked.  I never even looked back at my notes while I was writing the actual article, but I think they helped.  I'm actually listening to the next album I plan on reviewing whilst typing this, but I don't think it necessitates notes on every single track.  By the way, the album is The Black Belles' self-titled debut album.  I saw them live at MI-fest, and they were amazing!  They're like The White Stripes, but with organs, bass, and four goth girls playing all the instruments.  Here's a picture of me with the keyboardist!

Apparently, her name is Lil'Boo.  Weird.

[Can't post the picture until after I get home.  If you're reading this before then, check back soon!!]

This week is the tech week of our school's fall play, Granny Smyth Goes To Washington.  Trust me when I say that it's going to be terrible.  Tonight is the dress rehearsal, and most of the actors still need scripts for the second half.  We've only been onstage since Monday, and we haven't run the last two scenes onstage yet.  Lights (my task) are going to be iffy, though Bobby (who's helping me) and I are doing our best.  Tonight's practice will probably run until 8 or 9, and it's gonna be one long and painful crunch.  Still, it's terribly fun!  I'd be more worried about embarrassment if I was actually in the play, but since no one sees the light guys, I'm not too concerned about the play's quality.  I'll have fun either way.  Not to mention Denny's!!  We're going there after tomorrow's premier, like we do every time.  I'm gonna drink ALL the fruity drinks!!  Don't judge me.

After drama's over, I won't have anything major going on for about two weeks, until quizbowl starts up again.  What will I do with my time?  Who knows!  I haven't been able to see Gabby at all lately, other than at drama and while hanging out in her kitchen.  Maybe (cross your fingers) we'll get to hang out!  Along with that, I'm going to try and make it to band practices.  I haven't been to one in three weeks, and it's upsetting.  They've been getting stuff done without me, but I want to be involved.  What if they discover they don't need me??  Haha, I don't think that will happen, but...I'd be best off making myself useful and showing up to practice!

The school's crappy WiFi keeps fading in and out...since I'm streaming the album, it's really annoying.  The school's new I.T. guy is far better with the internet than the one who retired last year, but it turns out that's a bad thing.  Unlike our old guy, this one actually knows what websites to block.  He's even gotten to...*GASP*...Grooveshark!  Not the entire website, mind you, just the songs that are deemed offensive.  I have no clue how he did it, but that's what it seems to be.

Wow, this has been the longest hour ever, for some reason.  It's finally coming to an end!  Well, 15 more minutes.  I must say, this is an excellent album I'm listening to.  My last concert review, the Mustard Plug show, mentioned all the opening bands as well.  My favorite of the bunch, Ego & The Maniacs, was a local ska band that found my article via Google Alerts.  They posted a link to it on Facebook, all happy and whatnot, and emailed me a thank you.  They had about the same number of fans as The Black Belles, so hopefully they'll talk to me personally about the review too!  I'd love for anyone associated with their label, Third Man Records, to hear about me.  What if *LOUDER GASP* Jack White himself reads it??  That'd be amazing!!

Well, I've got to get going.  I'll probably be writing the album review over the next couple of days, so I'll keep you updated!  Until then, keep on blogging!