Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Apologize, My Friends

Hello, dearest readers. Christopher reminded me that, "Oh yeah, I have a blog that people read occasionally," so I shall post. I'm not really sure why I haven't been, other than business and laziness (neither of which is a decent excuse). I haven't been up to terribly much, since the ska concert that was a month ago...I finally got my ZME article about it posted, though!! It's right on over here.

Two weeks ago was homecoming, which could be seen as rather significant. I had a lot of fun at the game and dance, particularly the latter. Tanner and Charles came!! They were the dates of Kaylee (my bandmate), and our friend Saraha, who we needed to keep from bringing a 20 year old (like she did last year). I was super-glad they were there, and it was a blast. We went to dinner at a local steakhouse, Lucky's, where Tanner works. I got a burger, and nearly exploded! Not a good choice right before a dance, shockingly. Gabby looked beautiful, and I was really happy to be her date.

She was really sad when the dance ended, and cried because it was her last homecoming dance...this year will have a lot of that, I think. Oh well; I shall try to be as supportive as possible!

I've been forcing myself to play more music lately, because I have been slacking a little. Team Fortress 2 and various academic things keep getting in the way!! Screw 'em, I want to be a musician. I Eat Stickfigures has been practicing weekly, with various combinations of the entire band in attendance. We've had one full-band practice, which even had a guest appearance from founding drummer Damien!! He can't actually play drums, so he's not too bitter about not being in the band (his fault, because he moved an hour away!). We've got one ska song that we're working on, called "Shivering." It's awesome!! I'm playing a pretty boring rhythm guitar part in it, but that's okay, because I also get to harmonize during parts of the vocals! I can't wait until it's done, and show-offable.

My college class has been a complete waste of time. For three weeks in a row, the longest class period was 45 minutes. I drove 30 minutes just to get to the college, so I end up using an hour's worth of gas to learn nothing for a couple minutes. I've given up on learning, although I can program in Python now. Is it useful? No. Next semester, I'm taking photography. Something that will enable me to use the school's cameras, at least!

Well...I will try to post more frequently, so Christopher doesn't get sad!! I have an hour off of school thanks to college, so I need to utilize that time more wisely. Does anyone have any writing prompts? Things for me to try and be humorous about? Your suggestions are always welcome!!


Bookish.Spazz said...

Writing prompts? I'm all prompted out due to school.

It's nice to know you're not dead!

Ash said...

That's pretty cool that you're taking a photography class/course. I really want to join into some sort of class/group/whatever for photography and find like-minded peeps, but I have crap-all time to do anything these days... sucks big time.
I hope you enjoy the course and photography in general when class starts. Show us your pics bro!


Gabs said...

Writing promts? Really dear? And again, who else would I have gone to my last homecomming with? Ah well, my class is starting soon soo I gotta go sadly...

Ashley said...

I really loved Gabby's dress. It was super pretty. :)

That Blond Guy said...

Yay!!!!! You're back!!!!!!

Alas. Homecoming. I did not go. I did, however, host my own party. It was way cooler. It was one of those naked parties. You know those?

I took a photography class once. None of us had any cameras, though, so the entire year we just watched old episodes of Leave It To Beaver.

Hot date.

Also...what's that picture at the top right of your blog where it says "Boyd's World?" Because for some reason I've never REALLY noticed it before but it's awesome.

themajessty said...

AWW this is cute! Your date is lovely.

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