Saturday, October 1, 2011

Story Of My Life (A Small Piece, Anyway)

Hey!  Yup, it's a Saturday night, aaaaand...I'm sitting in front of my computer!  Before you cry, "Go do something, you're a teen!" remember that I do have the excuse of having spent the past week ill.  I'm enjoying some well-needed rest, particularly after only getting 5 hours of sleep each night.  I think I'll tell you guys about how my life has been going in general, with school and whatnot, rather than talk about concerts and stuff.  Although, just so you know, I DID get within 20 feet of Jack White two weeks ago, and it was amazing.

Anyway, school has been picking up and falling into routine.  It doesn't feel like the beginning of the year anymore, which is nice; I tend to feel like the first two or three weeks are a waste.  I dunno if I've mentioned it, but I started doing dual-enrollment at the local community college.  I'm replacing one of my elective classes with a college course, and the school is paying for it.  This semester, I decided to take Programming Concepts.  It's a decent class, though I haven't learned how to hack into the CIA's databases, which was my goal. [NOTE: to any CIA agents reading this, I'm joking.  Don't taze me, bro!!] The biggest bummer is losing an elective class.  At the beginning of the school year, I still had all six classes I'd originally signed up for.  I was quite happy with this, and hoped no one would notice.  Yesterday, I finally got a call down to the counselor's office, and she made me drop a class.  I was quite snarky and irritable with her, because I'd already had a bad day.  I really liked speech class, and after four weeks of doing all the homework, taking the tests, etc., I didn't want to leave.  I'll try to blackmail them into giving it back to me, though...I'm crafty and persuasive enough!

Last Saturday was Gabby and I's one-year anniversary!!  I'm incredibly happy to have made it this far with such a wonderful girl.  We went to dinner at Applebee's to celebrate, and got all dressed up fancy for it.  Both of us were just coming down with colds though, so we didn't have too big of appetites.  Still fun!!  We also went to an orchard the week before, and got pizza from the local, unfrequented pizza shop.  It was a blast as well!

The band has been having practices regularly.  I'd say "COS" or "I Eat Stickfigures," but it's hard to tell which band is which anymore.  We're kinda just playing each other's songs, trying to get stuff written for each other.  All four of us (not counting Stephen, who hasn't been practicing lately) are writing our own songs, and each song kind of requires different people playing different things.  However, we have been working on some awesome stuff!  Kaylee has a cool Metric-esque song that demands electric guitar, which I gladly supply.  Tanner, Bobby, and I have been doing various goofy things, like playing a weird hard-rock version of "The Cha-Cha Slide", which I love playing.  We also worked on a blues song called "The Stalker Blues," which I suggested and Tanner took running.  I tried singing it, but my voice was completely shot from my illness.

Actually, that song was inspired by personal events of mine...I have a bit of a stalker.  I met her at Math Field Day last spring, and she looked me up on Facebook via the programs that listed every single person that went.  I added her, we started chatting, and I soon gave her my cell number for texting.  We texted quite a bit for the next few months, which progressed into phone calls and eventually Skyping.  She actually sent me the money to buy the webcam (which I used in my vlog), along with two Queen CDs.  Unfortunately, things took a downward turn.  She started getting more and more dependent, and quite needy.  For a while I suppose I didn't discourage that, which I feel bad about.  However, it started to get ridiculous.  I got sick of the drama that seemed to constantly surround her, and I got sick of getting non-stop calls from her.  At breakfast, while I was in school, during times I'd made it clear I didn't want her calling.  She got super-defensive when I called her out on it, and things eventually climaxed with her telling me "You're an impatient ass."  In response, I quit responding.  Period.  I've gotten about eight or nine texts from her since then, spread out over the past four weeks.  They swing between lonely, angry, and dramatic.  I don't plan on responding, no matter how immature that is.  I think a clean break is what's best, and that's what I'm going to do.  I don't miss her, and I'm relieved to no longer feel the pressure, stress, and obligation that texting her made me feel.

Anywhoo...that took an odd turn, eh?  In totally other news, here's my first article as a music journalist!!  It took a really long time to get it posted, but it's there!!  I talked to some guys from Creem magazine while at MI-fest, and apparently it's going back into print.  I told them I was reviewing the concert, and they told me to contact them about being a writer for them!  I'd freaking love to write for a real magazine.  *GASP* What if they paid me??  That'd be amazing!!

Haha, I'm done geeking out now.  Actually, I think I'm done with this post.  It was nice to touch in with everyone; thank you for sticking around despite my infrequent posting!!