Friday, September 16, 2011

Concerts Every Which Way

Hey, everyone!! How's it going? Well? Awesome!!

I just wanted to say that school is going swimmingly, but definitely keeping me busy. Hey, first year without terrible allergies!! *knocks on wood* Perhaps the high-strength medication they've had me on is FINALLY kicking in...

When I'm not at school, I'm still going to concerts. On Saturday, I went with Kaylee and Stephen and a few other friends to see some local punk bands play, which was totally sweet! We went to a local coffee shop called The Raven, which is the only oasis of classy culture in Port Huron. I'd say it's the only oasis of culture, period, but there IS The's just not classy. That's the "venue" we went to for the bands' show, which is pretty infamous 'round these parts. It's an abandoned looking building, with a tiny empty room that has wood paneling and no windows. The band plays on the floor with the fans; stages are too fancy for this place. The place was sweet, but there weren't enough people for some good moshing to go on. None of my friends moshed or jumped around with me, though I don't blame them...not their kind of thing to do, and apparently it looked like I was gonna get hurt the whole time I was out there. Not surprising, since (loose!) fists were flying and I kept slipping and falling on my butt. It was still awesome, however, and we plan on making this a frequent get-together!!

Sunday was the Honda Civic Tour, with Blink-182 and My Chemical Romance. I'd write all about that here, but I already did for my JOB as a music blogger. Yeah, you heard me right!! I'm writing for the website ZME Music, which is so freaking awesome!! I don't get paid, but as soon as I've proven myself I'll be given an email address with which I can request promotional CDs, merch, and concert tickets! More than adequate compensation, for something I'd be doing anyways.

Tomorrow is the MI-Fest, a new festival they're trying to start. So far, nothing's going too well, but I'll talk about that once I've been there and can give you the whole story. Actually, you'll get the personal side of it, and ZME is gonna get the music portion (with linkage provided on here!!) I'm actually hoping to apply to Creem magazine tomorrow, which has apparently re-booted and is gonna be at the show tomorrow. Wish me luck at looking like I know what I'm talking about!!

Finally, next Friday is going to be another Ska concert, with Tanner and Damien and Cheyenne. We'll be going to see Mustard Plug, a Grand Rapids-based band. Oddly enough, we'll be seeing them in Toledo, OH...weird, but totally awesome!! Once again, I'll be talking more on that when it happens. I dunno if that'll be going on ZME, but if it does, it'll just be a description of how it sounded; I'll tell you about what I do, and how I feel.

Well...I have to get some sleep, since MI-fest is 3 hours away tomorrow morning. It'll be great!! I'll keep you updated!


Ash said...

Snap dude, you really love getting out there ay. So jealous, wish there were that many concert-like things to do over here. I've only been to one concert, but hell, that's enough to sell me on them.

I've never been one for the mosh pit though... to many elbows, not enough room... but that's just me.

Anyways, sounds like you're having a pretty mad start to the school year haha.

PS: punch a groupie for me, yeah? Cheers boss.

That Blond Guy said...

You're just living the life, man. I should be doing that. But I'm not. I'm just comfortably rotting away in the little metaphorical box I've constructed for myself. Which is fine with me I think. Because the box seems to make me funnier.

Tanner "Four String Finger Sting" Simmons said...

Damn right, son! We're gonna have a blast at Mustard Plug! Best bring your skankin' shoes!

Bookish.Spazz said...

:D That sounds awesome!!

-Sam. said...

I'm lame.
one concert.
Bob dylan.


Aakash said...

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