Monday, May 2, 2011

Prom Night, Prom Night, Gotta Get Down On Prom Night!!

Hey everyone! This last weekend was pretty freaking epic...My first prom was Saturday!!!!

Prom was amazing!! I started my morning out with a run, which was probably not the best idea because it tired out my legs. Still, you can't beat the invincible feeling you get for the rest of the day after a run. After that I headed into town to pick up my lovely date Gabby's corsage, and to dine on some of the best fast food on earth, Arby's. We were actually running kind of late at that point, because Gabby was coming over at five and it was already two-ish. I still had to shower, and the house had to be cleaned for pictures. Here are some of those pictures, by the way!

This is me, attempting to take a serious picture before Gabby got to my house. It was actually a challenge, because I was super excited and couldn't stop fidgeting.

This picture shows literally nothing about how we were dressed, but it does sh
ow the two of us together. I'll be able to post more pictures soon, fear not.

When we got to the country club place it was being held, we followed a group of students we saw heading to the back of the building. When we got closer, it became apparent this was the wrong way. Also, we realized the people we were following were all TEC kids, which is our school's trade-school program. They were all mechanics-in-training, and as soon as they saw me they were like, "Drew, follow us!!!" Then they got us lost. Also, all the girls walked way ahead of the guys, and Gabby was swept away from me momentarily...leaving me stuck with the guys, who were shouting loudly in their redneck-voices about how much they'd love to "tear up this golf course with my SNOWMOBILE!!!!" They then proceeded to make engine-revving noises with their mouths. needless to say, I was really glad to catch up with Gabby and leave them to their mechanic-ness.

When we got inside, we were shuttled over to the sign-in table. We were invited to vote for prom king and queen, but seeing as neither of us cared, we didn't. Damien and Cheyenne were there, and had two seats at their table for us. They went to find Tanner to give him a seat next to us, and Gabby and I went and got in line for our pictures. They then served us our dinner, which was pretty good. I didn't have the main food, chicken, just because I wanted a light stomach for dancing.

Speaking of dancing, I did. Like crazy. Tanner and Damien are great dancers, and they gave me a few pointers on how to not look like I'm having a conniption on the dance floor. We skanked the night away...even though there was no ska music playing.
Still, the DJs were great, and spent the whole night mixing and matching different songs up at once. They did an awesome job, and you could tell they were professionals.

After prom was over, Tanner drove Gabby and I to Denny's to chill. Damien and Cheyenne also came, as well as Damien's sister Ashley and her friend Lisa. I was surprisingly hungry, and had a fried cheese melt with a hush puppy sundae for dessert.

Damien took this picture while we were there, and I feel bad that I flipped off the camera. It's my natural reaction to a camera after midnight, and I figured there'd be more taken. However, it also makes me laugh, because it's a great picture. Tanner's stuffing his face with a burger, I'm giving Damien the finger, and Gabby is looking at me scoldingly. We sat around listening to music, singing various ska songs and annoying everyone with our rendition of "Friday."

We headed home after a while, and called it a night. My curfew's 11, but I didn't get home until 2 AM. My mom didn't care, because it was prom and whatnot. I had an excellent time, and I'm really glad Gabby took me.

Also, today is my birthday! I celebrated it Sunday, but I won't be giving you dear readers an update on it until I get time to write another blog post. I've been busy playing Minecraft on my new laptop...ohhh, spoilers??


Gabs said...

I had fun love! Thanks so much for being my date!!

Tanner "Four String Finger Sting" Simmons said...

Hahahaha, the redneck part made me laugh so hard. I feel so bad for you buddy, but I'm glad you had an awesome time, and I'm glad I was there to give you a ride and some dancing pointers as well! Maybe I'll somehow find a way to come back for prom next year, but if not, you have all the necessary skills to blow everyone's mind on your own. Happy Birthday!

Eeshie said...

Dude, your Prom Night sounds AWESOME!! You must post pictures so we can see what you're wearing.

And I liked your serious picture! You're actually attractive!! (as is Gabby)

Your explanation of the finger made me laugh. Man, I feel the same after midnight...

Eeshie said...


I give you this kitten:

That Blond Guy said...


And congratulations on your first prom! Does this mean you're a senior?

Sounds like an awesome time. Were there drugs?

Boyd said...

Haha, I'm actually a sophomore; I still have two proms to go! Gabby's a junior, so she was able to take me. Woohoo!

And no, there weren't drugs. There was, however, an empty can of Budweiser in the men's room, possibly left over from another prom the night before. Also, lots of teen spirit; the dance floor REEKED of it!!

Bookish.Spazz said...

Sounds like you had fun at prom! Your hair, by the way, never ceases to amaze me. You're probably one of the few adolescent guys that can actually pull off long hair.

Happy Birthday :) I hope you eat good food!