Saturday, May 7, 2011

Most Of My Post Titles Involve Exclamation Points!

Holy crap - I just had a double-sneeze. A sneeze within a sneeze, if you will. Like, not one after the other - two at THE SAME TIME. It was slightly terrifying, but also exhilarating.

Anyway - this past week has been my birthday week! With the actual day falling on Tuesday. My family celebrated Sunday, because I was coaching JH quizbowl Tuesday. OK, let me get it out of the way - my mom gave me a refurbished laptop with Windows 7, my uncle got me a wah pedal for my guitar, and my grandparents gave me my grandma's old car. Phew...I dislike telling people about stuff like that, due to a fear of sounding like a braggart. Not my intention!

The laptop has been occupying large amounts of my time. I couldn't play Minecraft on our old family computer, but I now can. Guess who is addicted? Not me, actually, but it is really fun!! I've also decided I want to learn a programming language, so I've been messing around with Just BASIC. so far, I can write a program that holds a short, stilted conversation with the user...not useful in any way, but it is kinda cool.

Was that game, the one where everyone says the word "penis" with increasing volume, around before the movie 500 Days of Summer? I just ask because I remember that game from Jr. High, but I don't think the movie has been out that long. Also, I figured this would be the most socially acceptable way for me to meet That Blond Guy's challenge to say penis in my next post. Bam! Challenge met.

Well, if you'll excuse me, I must get back to eating leftover Chinese and watching Scott Pilgrim for the nth time. Drink your milk!


Ash said...

You got a car? Sweeeeeet, drift around corners, only way to live.
I always sucked at coding/programming myself, here's hoping you become some kind of prodigy at it and get actual enjoyment out of it haha.
And Scott Pilgrim... ^%&$'n EPIC movie.

Bookish.Spazz said...

Hooray for birthday gifts! And you have a car!

Hmmm... I don't know about the penis thing, but my friend Daniel and I would walk around in public and say "No, I won't have sex with you!" with increasing volume... It was fun until he got an uptight girlfriend who wouldn't let him do it anymore.

Ah fun times. And Chinese food.

Eeshie said...

Man, double-sneezing sounds amazing...

-Sam. said...

Car. car. car..

oh wait... I can't drive.
so scratch that?

yes. the penis game was indeed invented before 5oo Days of Summer.

and aww... that Blond guy... my ex... gah. such a small world.

AND scott pilgrim= the greatest movie ever made (besides watchmen... and V for Vendetta kinda rules as a comic... so i guess it takes 2nd place in my nerd life?? sorta?)



ps. I have the most epic word verification thingy ever. -diumperi.

-Sam. said...

oh. and we should become Facebook friends:
(unless you are a non-conformer... which i suppose i am... but i just so happened to conform simply because I like having places to put my photos.)


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