Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quizbowl: State Edition

Ohhh yeah!!!! Quizbowl's state tournament was the past two days!! Two days, in the college town of East Lansing, with tons of time to shop on Grand River Ave. Plus, a last hurrah for my favourite school activity.

We left Friday morning around 7, a little while before school starts. There was a coaches' meeting at 10, so we made it there just in time. Our first match wasn't til 12:30, so the entire team left campus and went to some shops. Actually, at that time of the morning, most shops weren't open, so we all hung out in a student book store. After some time passed, we headed over to a Barnes & Noble, where we rode the escalators for a few hours. It was our small-town version of an amusement park, actually.

Our first match was crazy-easy, with us totally dominating. The first 10 minutes or so I was nervous, with my heart pounding and whatnot, but I relaxed after I saw how easy everything was. We didn't play again until 3:30, so we headed back in. This time, we spent our entire break in Urban Outfitters, reading all of their various coffee table books. I was getting worried they'd kick us out, actually, because it was pretty obvious we weren't getting anything. Hey, if they had affordable prices...I made the team sneak out the back door, just to avoid a confrontation...I'd hate to have to have a rumble in Urban Outfitters.

Our second match was in a tiny, airless room, and it was a bit more intense. We won again, but it wasn't by the huge point margin from before. We played again fairly soon, so the team just sat in the student union hallways and goofed around. I brought my Gameboy Color, so I sat and played Pokemon Silver. Yeah, I was pretty much a total geek, with my old-school gaming's actually the only console I still have.

We lost the third match, by a very small margin. It took place in the same room we lost in last year, and had a terrible reader. He made little comments between questions, and wasted a lot of time. regardless, we still lost fair and square. The tournament was double elimination, with one loss per day, so we were done. We stopped by our hotel, and then headed to a great restaurant nearby for dinner.

When we got back, everyone sat around for a while watching TV, then headed down to the pool. We all spent a lot of time in the hot tub, talking to people from other teams. There were actually some guys we knew, from a school in our Jr. High team's league. I'd also gone to summer camp with one of them, so it was cool catching up. When the pool closed, everyone watched Adult Swim until we fell asleep where we were (which got us in big trouble, but never mind that.)

We didn't play the next day until 1:30, so we went back to Grand River Ave. It was Record Store Day, and we figured it'd be cool to check out all the great deals. Wrong. I'm the only person in the group who listens to vinyl, and even I wasn't interested in records this time. Every store was PACKED, with lines full of hipsters everywhere. We left the first shop we went to, FBC, and checked out a cool little thrift store for a while. They had really nice clothes, including a leather jacket I loved, but I saved my money for another time. We headed back to FBC, and it was much less packed. I got a bunch of bargain used CDs, and a promo from Sub Pop. I also got my fill of amusing hipsters, standing around and competing over their respective knowledge of underground bands.

We headed back to the tournament...and played again in the same bad room, with the same bad reader. And lost. It was another close match, too, which was kind of a bummer. We took 7th overall, which was an improvement over last year. Still, the whole trip was awesome, and I had a great time. Now, all I have to do is coach JH schedule is almost free!!


RainboRevolver said...

Sounds like a party! I love big nerd competitions, it's always cool to meet talented people from far away. That's sort of what the state competition for debate was like for me anyway.

Good job on getting 7th :)

Eeshie said...

Wow, I don't know what sounds more interesting: the amazing thrift shops or the intense matches. Sounds like an awesome time. I should so do something like that...

Congrats on 7th place.

Peas out. :P

Bookish.Spazz said...

The company at nerd conventions are way more fun than sporting or other events. I don't know, maybe it's because everyone shares one big interest.

Last weekend I went to Austin Texas for a journalism conference and my friends and I hid out in an Urban Outfitters too... I hate how insanely priced all of their stuff is!

Tanner "Four String Finger Sting" Simmons said...

Ah yes, those hipsters and their underground, indie-rock folk scenes, and their thick rimmed glasses, and their sweater vests, and their shirts with food making bad puns, and their rich parents, and their futuristic cell-phones, and their special expresso coffees, and their GIRLFRIENDS. UGH, THEIR GIRLFRIENDS.

That's my piece. Congrats on Quiz Bowl, buddy!

That Blond Guy said...


Are you going to the National Competition? It's in Atlanta this year!

themajessty said...

Congrats on the 7th place!!