Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wipeout! And, Free Songs!

Hey everyone! The musical is over at school; thank goodness! Actually, it was last weekend.

It went shockingly well, considering how the dress rehearsal the night before the premier went. The best part was a dance scene in which three of the funniest guys in drama sang a very innuendo-filled song about "Luau Love." Right before the song, they hid behind a curtain and changed into coconut bras, grass skirts, and those T-shirts that look like bikinis. Actually, here's a picture:

Anyway, while they were changing, they came up with some incredibly funny improv-ed lines. I was pretty impressed with their ability to think so quickly, because there's no way I'd be able to be that fast on my feet while onstage.

I had two personal moments of pride during the play. The first one I'll mention came on the second night, when I decided I wanted my own chance at some sort of unexpected joke in the play. You might think to yourself, "But Drew, you were playing bass in the pit band! How could you possibly get a joke in the play?" Towards the end of the second act, there was a scene where the comic book nerd (the guy on the left in that picture, by the way) got the girl he'd been pursuing for the whole play. It was a pretty funny scene, and I decided to spice it up by doing a slide on my bass that sounded like "Woow-woooooow." you know what I mean, right? I hope so...

My second moment of pride was my own little moment of rebellion, along with Stephen (who played piano in the pit band), and a dude named Scott (who was playing guitar). Our absentee band director had made all of us incredibly mad by showing up at the last minute and acting like she deserved to be in charge, usurping power from Steve, who had put in enough hours of work to be the undisputed leader of the band. Her most annoying last-minute change was telling us to wear concert uniforms to the play; you know, the stupid-looking get-ups with vests that we have to wear to band competitions. Keep in mind, this was a musical comedy about surfers. If we were there in button-up shirts, with floor-length velvet dresses on the ladies, it would look really stupid.

So, we decided to not wear them. It had been warm all week, so we all showed up in shorts and Hawaiian shirts. Boy, was she pissed. It was actually kind of scary, but in a good way. It might seem like what we did was out of line, but trust me when I say we were not in the wrong. I can't stand my band teacher, and it was so nice to disobey her and show our displeasure.


On a completely different note, both of the tracks we recorded with Stephen are now on Crush Of Society's Facebook page. Like them? If you do, you're in luck, because they're both available as a FREE DOWNLOAD, right here!!!

Okay. Maybe you didn't catch that the first time; perhaps you didn't hear me correctly.

Seriously, click it. Please.

You could be my biggest hero, and all you need to do is make sure these songs get heard. Download them, distribute them, play them at parties...I don't care how. Thanks!

Anyway, I should probably stop there, to avoid seeming too insanely desperate. Too late? Darn. Have a good one!


Bookish.Spazz said...

I've already downloaded both and added them to my iTunes, so now at nights when my music is on shuffle and the songs pop up I'll think of your blog!

Haha rebellion is always good. I'm the same way with my art teacher... She's not horrible, but I just don't like some of her opinions on art...

Glad your musical went well!

Eeshie said...

Ugh, your band director sounds prissy...but is she out of her mind? Band outfits? I like the Hawaiin shirt idea WAY better. :-)