Sunday, March 13, 2011

In The Studio (Formerly Known As My Basement)

You know how I keep mentioning Stephen coming and recording Crush Of Society an EP? It finally happened yesterday! Well, the recording part. We only got 2 songs done, in 6 1/2 hours. But hey, it's a start! The one I've heard so far is absolutely amazing sounding - check it out! The ones we got done were "Gotta Get Out" and "I Don't Know."

Actually, I haven't heard the latter yet. It was the first one we did that day, and Steve was still working out the kinks in his new mixing board - purchased the day before, I might add! I played guitar, bass, and vocals on "I Don't Know," and bass on "Gotta Get Out."

It was kind of shocking how long the recording process takes. Each instrument had to be recorded separately, meaning we had to re-configure the microphones and amplifiers and whatnot for each song. Also, there was A LOT of down-time. Whenever someone else was doing their instrument's part, there wasn't much to do other than help set up the mics and sit around. Once we got all the tracks for "I Don't Know" recorded, Bobby and I just sat around and played table-top hockey while Stephen mixed parts of the song that had to be done right away. We would have played pool, but Steve commandeered the entire pool table, plus a large card table, with equipment and cables.

Ohh, the cables. The floor was covered in them!! Six 1/4 inch instrument cables, three XLR cables, and countless power cords for computers, amps, and pedals. PLUS, we had 5 different amps laying around, each in use. Two monitors (to play back what he'd recorded), an amp to run headphones through for the person playing at the time, and a guitar and bass amp. PLUS, two microphones and another thingy that looked and acted just like a mic, but apparently wasn't.

All in all, it was incredibly sweet. I can't wait to get more tracks recorded, and posted. Also, I intend to make these tracks downloadable, for all of you. They'll probably be free, so the music has a better chance of being distributed. It's getting exciting!!


Bookish.Spazz said...

The first 7 seconds made me think of old school Green Day :)

The music process sounds like the art process. A lot of waiting around for "the paint to dry".

Ash said...

Kudos dude, sounds awesome. Hope it all works out for you guys.

Eeshie said...


So...can I get your autograph before you become famous? ;D

That Blond Guy said...

Nice job, man! This is so awesome. I think the song "I Don't Know" is just so fly, it's out of this world.

Me agrees with Eeshie. You're going to remember me when you get famous, aren't you?