Thursday, March 3, 2011

Activities And Clubs has been exhausting lately. Between Quiz Bowl, mock trials, concert band, math team, and drama club's pit band, there's been very little down time. Fortunately, I finished concert band last Friday, and mock trials the day after.

Concert band actually went surprisingly well, considering recent conflicts I've had with my band director. *Fortunately,* rumor is that she is looking around to other school districts for a new job. Yeah, that's not something I should spread around; I really don't care when it comes to her though.

ANYWAY, we did extremely well. We got a rating of 2 on our rehearsed performances, and a 1 on our sight-reading tests. That's on a scale with 1 being best and 4 being worst. I like to think a tiny fraction of our good points came from the fact we had a double bass in the band, but that could just be self-importance.

Mock trials also went well, although the entire team was very sleep-deprived. Some of us from the band competition the night before, and others because of wild partying. Regardless, we performed well. I was only in one of the three trials, as a lawyer. I did decently, and our side (defense) totally dominated the other team. I was incredibly nervous when I went up to cross-examine my first witness, and it probably showed. When I approached her at the witness stand to hand her an exhibit, my hand was shaking and so was the piece of paper in it. To make things worse, she wouldn't take it unless I explicitly asked her to. The first time I went up, I had to quietly beg her to "Please take it..." Actually, it wasn't very quiet when I said that; my team, and some of the audience, say they heard it and found it hilarious.

Now, all I really have to worry about is math team and drama club. The math team's one and only event is actually tomorrow, so that won't be a concern for much longer either. Drama isn't for a few weeks, but I really love hanging out with my club members, so it's all good. I'm playing electric bass for the pit band, which is currently just myself and Stephen on piano. Supposedly a former high school student who hangs around my band class constantly is doing drums, but he's had yet to practice with us. We'd have more people, but my highly incompetent band director didn't come through on holding auditions for the various parts. The only reason Steve and I have gotten any practice is because we're with drama regardless of whether or not she holds practice.

In summary: my schedule is super busy, but it's going to free itself up pretty soon here. Well...I have to go get sleep. What kind of mathlete shows up deprived of his full 8 hours??


That Blond Guy said...

Congratulations on concert band and mock trials! Is that just like Debate Club or is it something entirely different?

I know what you mean about the extracurricular. Very taxing on the body, mind, and soul.


What would you do if I told you David Bowie is a woman?

Boyd said...

I'd be my childhood dreams just vanished or something.

Mock trials is where the teams act out a fake court case, and are rated on how well they defend their case. It's probably pretty close to what Debate Club is like, although a different format. Our school doesn't have a Debate Club, otherwise I'd be all over it.

Bookish.Spazz said...

Congrats on everything! I get what you mean by being bogged down with stuff, but being busy is always better than being bored.

I wish my school did mock trials... We have debate (I'm president!) but not that many people are interested in competition... Everyone is too busy playing football or smoking pot :/

And good luck with the mathlete stuff... I am horrible at all types of math so anytime I hear or think about it I tend to grimace with envy at those who are good at it.

Eeshie said...

In all my experiences with Mock Trial, I always end up as a witness. The lawyers always pester me with a million questions. Hm..

ellie's desk said...

You're super busy but what great times. All the best.